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NNSL Photo/Graphic

Yellowknife musician and Ice Lake Rebels co-producer Mary Caroline spent two days in Fort Simpson over the weekend to give a documentary filmmaking workshop to Fort Simpson youth. - April Hudson/NNSL file photo
Documentary session hits schools
Producer Mary Caroline brings reality television knowledge to Thomas Simpson Secondary School

Thanks to the Open Sky Creative Society, students at Thomas Simpson Secondary School had the chance to learn documentary filmmaking skills from a pro, proving the arts are alive and well in the Deh Cho.
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After politics comes art

Phil Moon Son plans to make his art more known in community
Dana Bowen
Northern News Services
Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Phil Moon Son may be best known around town as a former city councillor, but now the politician is drawing out a more creative side in hopes of sharing it with his community.

nnsl file photo

Former city councillor Phil Moon Son showed up in Star Trek: The Next Generation garb at the Ptarmicon convention earlier this year with his children. His seven-year-old daughter Chloe is dressed as Alice from Alice in Wonderland while his son Jake, 5, is Flash. - NNSL file photo

Moon Son's love of drawing has been evident since childhood, but he has often set it aside to focus on his family and political career.

"I've been doing it all my life, but only recently I made my New Year's resolution to get more involved with it again," he said. "I guess it was something I wanted to do more for the enjoyment."

Unlike most resolutions, Moon Son has already begun acting on his goals, starting with a donation of some of his work.

Last month, Moon Son donated works he had created of churches with the proceeds going toward the restoration of churches in the territory.

While he added he often creates political comics and sketches of prominent buildings in town, the simplicity of churches draws him in most, listing some in Hay River and Inuvik as favourites.

"I really enjoy doing churches because they have such unique characteristics to them," he said. "I enjoy doing more modest, unknown ones."

While he hopes to raise his creative side from the shadows this year, Moon Son added that it's all for the love of art.

"I don't plan on making any money from it," he said. "I just do it as an enjoyment."

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