NNSL photo/graphic


NNSL photo/graphic
On the Inside:
An in depth analysis of the number one industry in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories

NNSL photo/graphic
On the Inside:
The future brightens for Northern minerals and metals, according to News North's 32nd annual special report on Northern industry.

Industry News
On the Inside:
This report highlights what's happening in Nunavut and Northwest Territories Construction industries.

University of Manitoba professor and Bouyant Aircraft Systems International president Barry Prentice stands beside an airship prototype his team has been using to conduct experiments in Winnipeg. - photo courtesy of Barry Prentice
Airships offer an answer
Professor laments lack of government support for technology in the North

For many the term airship is associated with the Goodyear tire blimp at football games, but the oft-mocked mode of transportation could make a comeback as the solution to infrastructure woes in Canada's North. ARROW Continued

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