Our publishing company, Northern News Services Limited and our affiliated
company,Canarctic Graphics Limited, a full service printer,are 100 per cent
Northern owned and operated with offices in Nunavut and Northwest Territories.

Publisher: Jack (Sig) Sigvaldason - General Manager: Michael Scott
Managing Editor: Bruce Valpy - Circulation Manager: Debra Davis
Advertising Manager: Petra Ehrke - Print Shop Manager: Michael Scott

P.O.Box 2820 Yellowknife NT X1A 2R1 - Phone (867)873-4031
Fax (867)873-8507 - e-mail: nnsl@nnsl.com or e-mail direct to:

Editorial department: editorial@nnsl.com
Advertising department: advertising@nnsl.com
Web site advertising: nnslweb@nnsl.com
Circulation department: circulation@nnsl.com
NNSL Administration: nnsladmin@nnsl.com
Canarctic Graphics Limited: canarctic@nnsl.com

Iqaluit, NU: E-mail: editor@nunavutnews.com
Ph.(867) 979-5990 Fax (867) 979-6010
Rankin, NU: E-mail: kivalliqnews@nnsl.com
Ph.(867)645-3223 Fax (867) 645-3225
Inuvik, NT: E-mail: inuvikdrum@nnsl.com
Ph.(867) 777-4545 Fax (867) 777-4412
Mackenzie Delta, NT: E-mail: newsinuvik@nnsl.com
Ph.(867)777- 4545 Fax (867) 777-4412
Hay River, NT: E-mail: editor@ssimicro.com
Ph.(867)874-2802 Fax (867) 874-2804

Canarctic Graphics Limited
P.O. Box 2758, Yellowknife, NT X1A 2R1 - Ph. (867)873-4371
Fax (867)920-4371 - e-mail: canarctic@nnsl.com