Deh Cho Drum suspends publishing

It is with regret that we must announce that we are suspending publication of the print edition of the Deh Cho Drum newspaper after its 1,154th and final edition.

Northern News Services remains committed to strengthening our existing publications but declining advertising revenue and shipping costs in a small market have made the publication of the Deh Cho Drum untenable. As a private business, we survive by selling newspapers and advertising.

The Deh Cho Drum started publishing in August 1994 with Liz Crompton as Editor.

There have many talented contributors over the last 22 years; journalists like Art Milnes, PJ Harston, Derek Neary and Roxanna Thompson to name a few. Art Milnes even managed to get former President George Bush to write a column about fishing in the North in 1997. The Drum has been recognized with many industry awards for writing and photography and April Hudson has carried on this tradition of excellence for the last two years. April is relocating South but will continue to contribute to News/North.

Thanks to our many readers for sharing your stories and giving us exposure to what's happening throughout the Deh Cho. We will continue to report on and bring these important stories to the rest of the North. We look forward to seeing you in the pages of News/North. Mahsi Cho

- Mike Scott, General manager - Deh Cho Drum