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All-season road could pave way to wellness
A lack of response from the federal government is not deterring Nahanni Butte's chief and council from pursuing a wellness camp for the region, which could be established in the Nahanni National Park Reserve.
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Deadline passes for land offer
The GNWT has failed to meet its commitment of putting a new land offer on the table for the Dehcho Process, according to a news release from Dehcho First Nations Grand Chief Herb Norwegian issued May 18.
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Spills, leaks unearthed at mine site
At least two storage sites at Cantung Mine west of Nahanni Butte are out of service and contaminated soil was removed from at least four locations after a federal inspection dug up a slew of leaks, spills and equipment issues during a recent visit to the mine site.
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Dog mushers talk future of activity
Dog mushers from across the North met in Fort Providence on May 22 to learn from experts on dog nutrition and health, as well as to enjoy a healthy debate on what the future of mushing in the Northwest Territories might look like.
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Soccer students prep for Spain
Thirteen soccer students at Echo Dene School in Fort Liard are hard at work raising money for a team trip to Spain in 2017 - the first trip of its kind for the school.
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Gym teachers offer lesson in fun
Two University of Alberta students are spending their summer playing with young people and children in Fort Providence.
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NNSL photo/graphic
NNSL photo/graphic

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