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This week's headlines

South Slavey soars again
When Dahti Tsetso was young she heard an elder talk about how upset he was that young people were not embracing the language he and previous generations of aboriginals spoke.
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Moose hair tufting magic
Lucy Simon slides the needle through the small piece of moosehide as Beth Wiley looks on.
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Abandoned puppies prompt call for action
Linda Croft opened her door on March 13 to find a tiny puppy shivering on her front step. A few hours later her daughter called and said either the same puppy had showed up at her home, or it was a different puppy.
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Contradictory comments raise ire
Political figures from the Deh Cho Region are unhappy with the apparent contradiction in Premier Bob McLeod's public support for the Dehcho Process and the privately written suggestion he would terminate the decades-long negotiations if an impasse remains beyond next month.
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Simpson drops final to Behchoko
The open men's final was a battle of two teams who were more than familiar with one another.
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NNSL photo/graphic
NNSL photo/graphic

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