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Nunavut News/North
NNSL photo/graphic
Another food fight volley
Feeding My Family advocacy group is asking people to boycott North West Company stores across Canada and the United States Jan 31.ARROWContinued
NNSL Photo/Graphic Ft Res RCMP cleared of elder abuse allegations

Investigation to continue into injuries suffered by elder; family declines to speak
Walter Strong
Northern News Services
Monday, January 26, 2015

There will be no criminal charges laid against any RCMP member in Fort Resolution and the family is not talking after an alleged assault against an elder last September. ARROW  More : Super8

NNSL photo/graphic

NNSL Columnists

Walt Humphries
"One kind word, can warm three winter months." That is a Japanese proverb or wise saying and personally I find it a wonderful sentiment. It may not be entirely true but ... See: Walt Humphries
Cece Hodgson-McCauley
"The rich are getting richer", "The middle class are struggling", "The poor are eating out of the garbage dump"! Maybe it is time for Justin Trudeau ... See: Cece McCauley
NNSL photo/graphic
Blowouts in sports happen all the time. It goes back to what I've been saying forever and a week: some teams are just better than the other ones. Take Arroyo ... See: James McCarthy
Mike W. Bryant
I was standing mid-stream in the Stark River casting flies for grayling when my float suddenly dipped below the water. I knew right away it wasn't a grayling ... See: Mike W. Bryant
Harry Maksagak
As we go about our daily routines, schedules and agendas, how quickly we forget that there will come a day when we will slow down and hopefully we will do ... See: Harry Maksagak
Antoine Mountain
Friends, with the playoffs just around the bend a new book by hockey sensation Jordin Tootoo is indeed a step up for the Northern voice. From the article by Evan ... See: Antoine Mountain
NNSL photo/graphic
As we embark upon 2015 out here in Reliance, I have been doing a lot of thinking about the purpose and meaning of life, about which I have come to no clear ... See: Libby Whittall-Catling
NNSL photo/graphic
Well Cambridge Bay has just been through one of the worst storms in many years. This past couple of weeks the community received tons of snow from a four-day blizzard with ... See: Navalik Tologanak


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NNSL photo/graphic

NNSL photo/graphic

NNSL photo/graphic

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Established in 1945, News/North covered the 61 communities in the Northwest Territories, a 1,400,000 square mile region north of the 60th parallel. The region made up the present Northwest Territories, plus the area which, in April of 1999 became the new territory of Nunavut. Since then, News/North has evolved into two separate publications, each serving its respective territory. In addition, the Yellowknifer, Deh Cho Drum, Inuvik Drum and Kivalliq News serve regional interests in both territories.