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Arts / Entertainment
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Houseboater denied bail
Yellowknife bed and breakfast operator Daniel Gillis has been denied bail pending an appeal of his conviction for sexual assault. ARROWMore
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Safe ride hours cut as shelters fill up
It's 'torture' to refuse people rides because there's nowhere to take them says safe ride coordinator
Sidney Cohen
Northern News Services
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The safe ride outreach van cut its hours on Yellowknife streets because there is nowhere to take men in need after 11 pm. ARROW  More

In Kivalliq: Going solar and wind in Arviat
ARVIAT - While bad weather and poor scheduling combined to make this year's Kivalliq mayor meetings a non-event, Arviat Mayor Bob Leonard is excited about the direction his community is taking. ARROW More

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quoteEditorially speaking
Health and Social Services Minister Glen Abernethy seems to want us to think he deserves a pat on the back for funding the day shelter and sobering centre ...

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Walt Humphries
When I was writing about lingon or low- bush cranberries, it occurred to me that since Amazon and Ikea are selling them, why isn't there a market for northern berries ... See: Walt Humphries
Cece Hodgson-McCauley
I really have to agree with News/North columnist Roy Erasmus when he says, "Laughter is good medicine!" I sure could use some laughter right this minute. Today, I'm fit to ... See: Cece McCauley
NNSL photo/graphic
Syria managed, through all of its hardships over the past six years, to grab a slot to compete for a place in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The run they went on was an amazing ... See: James McCarthy
Harry Maksagak
Being connected and involved really highlights a sense of belonging or being a part of something. Being employed in a field of choice brings out your abilities and ... See: Harry Maksagak
NNSL photograph
One day last week Jean was telling me how excited she was to go see her family at Thanksgiving. She headed to the bedroom and said, "I need to go and crack my toes .. See: Roy Erasmus
Out here in Reliance we have most definitely moved from late summer to autumn, the chilly grey mornings slowly brightening to show the decks and rocks slick with lightly ... See: Libby Whittall-Catling
Antoine Mountain
Friends, after writing my regular column a couple of weeks ago, about the effects of the food forced on us at residential schools, it is good to note the many activities now ... See: Antoine Mountain
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Kivalliq Air

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Established in 1945, News/North covered the 61 communities in the Northwest Territories, a 1,400,000 square mile region north of the 60th parallel. The region made up the present Northwest Territories, plus the area which, in April of 1999 became the new territory of Nunavut. Since then, News/North has evolved into two separate publications, each serving its respective territory. In addition, the Yellowknifer, Deh Cho Drum, Inuvik Drum and Kivalliq News serve regional interests in both territories.