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No snow means low flow
Frank T'Seleie Sr. has watched the Mackenzie River transform since he was a young boy living near Fort Good Hope.

Education credit deadline being extended
The Oct. 31 deadline for a personal education credit for former residential school students will likely be extended, if all parties to the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement approve the change.

Planning our energy future
Few things illustrate the importance of energy savings like generating your own – just ask homeowner Steve Robertson whose house, just 20 minutes out of Yellowknife's downtown, is completely off the grid.
NNSL Photo/Graphic
NNSL photo/graphic

Training for the mines

A chance meeting at this year's Iqaluit trade show has led to former Quttiktuq MLA Ron Elliott agreeing to become the Nunavut representative for the Morrisburg, Ontario-based Operating Engineers Training Institute of Ontario.
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NNSL photo/graphic
Hip-hop life story

The NWT Human Rights Commission is celebrating its 10th anniversary by sending an anti-bullying activist to spread his message through music.
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Missing Japanese tourist mystery deepens
YELLOWKNIFE - A missing person mystery continues to deepen in Yellowknife. There is still no sign of a Japanese tourist who hasn't been seen or heard from for nine days now.  ARROW Read more

The Brick : Super8

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Walt Humphries
It is only a matter of time until all the stuffed toys and animals that get thrown away come to life and come marching back into town. They would be seeking ... See: Walt Humphries
Cece Hodgson-McCauley
Canada got a wake-up call Oct. 22 - a soldier shot while guarding the War Memorial, then the killer proceeds to Parliament and walks right in? Where is the security in Parliament? See: Cece McCauley
NNSL photo/graphic
This evening, you will no doubt see plenty of children knocking on doors and collecting plenty of high-fructose corn syrupy goodness in pillow cases or shopping bags ... See: James McCarthy
Mike W. Bryant
I was standing mid-stream in the Stark River casting flies for grayling when my float suddenly dipped below the water. I knew right away it wasn't a grayling ... See: Mike W. Bryant
Harry Maksagak
The North has moved along from close-knit small outpost camps and settlements that were spread many miles apart to organized communities with every ... See: Harry Maksagak
Antoine Mountain
Yet, when it comes to doing a review of something like this new CD by Northern Dene musician Leela Gilday it is a definite joy. Compared to her earlier works, this one ... See: Antoine Mountain
NNSL photo/graphic
We've been in a steady uphill race since the middle of June preparing for winter and from the looks of things, it's a sprint to the finish now. And it is a good thing ... See: Libby Whittall-Catling
NNSL photo/graphic
Hello from Cambridge Bay, where winter has returned for a few more months. We had a very short summer and fall season this year. The ocean, river ... See: Navalik Tologanak


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NNSL photo/graphic

NNSL photo/graphic

NNSL photo/graphic

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