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Arts / Entertainment
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UPDATE: Officials confident Pickerel Lake fire no threat to cabins

SOMBA K'E/YELLOWKNIFE - A forest fire that broke out at Pickerel Lake on Saturday afternoon does not pose a threat to property in the area, according to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR). ARROW More

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Metis face Metis in court
A federal court judge has reserved her decision after a long-awaited civil trial initiated by the North Slave Metis Alliance against the federal government, NWT Metis Nation and the territorial government.

Elder perishes in cabin fire
Clyde River elder Peter Paneak, who turned 83 March 13, was where he most liked to be when he died - his family's cabin outside of Clyde River.

St. Joe's class project gives back
Two St. Joseph School students are paying it forward by donating funds they raised through a class project to support a friend who is living at the Ronald McDonald House in Vancouver.
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NNSL photo/graphic
Vet clinic goes to dogs

Close to 100 Iglulik pets received free treatment from a travelling veterinary team from the University of Prince Edward Island earlier this month. ARROW Read more at

NNSL photo/graphic
Reality show loser still a winner

Cynthia Ene is trying not to dwell on how incredibly close she came to winning a dream home while competing on a reality TV show. The 32-year-old Cambridge Bay resident was one of three finalists on the second season of Home to Win on Home and Garden Television (HGTV) earlier this month. ARROW Read more at

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quoteEditorially speaking
The cost of ending homelessness in the city was reduced by $34 million last week ...

NNSL Columnists

Walt Humphries
It would seem the city is going to let all the remaining trees in the median along Franklin Avenue die a slow and agonizing death. One has to ask, was this by design or simply neglect? Either way ... See: Walt Humphries
Cece Hodgson-McCauley
The big pastime these days now that the mighty river is free of ice is to spot the first boat. We patiently go to the riverbank watching for a sign of the barge... See: Cece McCauley
NNSL photo/graphic
Remember that guy who paved a road with unwashed clam shells in Tiverton, Rhode Island? Wrote about it last week. Well, he was given until June 17 to get rid of them ... See: James McCarthy
Harry Maksagak
When we speak of relativity we forget that things, people, situations and circumstances are somehow connected. We get so wrapped up in how the matter turned ... See: Harry Maksagak
NNSL photograph
Hold off on that fresh cup of coffee that you drink first thing in the morning to get your system going. According to Ayurvedic medicine it's better to drink a glass of ... See: Roy Erasmus
There was a time in my life when I frequented libraries weekly and checked out as many books as allowed. I had chosen not to have television and the Internet was barely ... See: Libby Whittall-Catling
Antoine Mountain
Friends, lately I have been thinking of how exactly to put my recent PhD studies to use over the summer, at home in Radelie Koe/Fort Good Hope with the youth. When ... See: Antoine Mountain
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Kivalliq Air

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NNSL photo/graphic

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