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Forest fire impacts proposed
pellet plant
A forest fire along Highway 6 to Fort Resolution has burned trees destined for a proposed wood pellet mill in Enterprise.

Cape Dorset students keep fit
Peter Pitseolak School in Cape Dorset is one of the top in Canada for physical literacy, and that's just as important as math and writing, says outgoing principal Michael Soares.

Anglers bow down to new champion
After two days of casting hand-sized flies at giant Northern pike, a group of rubbery-armed anglers assembled on the deck at Trout Rock Lodge paid homage to the new champ.
NNSL Photo/Graphic
NNSL photo/graphic

New bed and breakfast offers personal touch

Last October, Jenny Qu came to Yellowknife and saw an opportunity.
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NNSL photo/graphic
Painter's art turns
into silver

Best known for his Northern-inspired paintings, artist Robbie Craig is taking his work from canvas to runway. With vibrant works reminiscent to painter Lawrence Harris, Craig has been capturing the North with his paint brush since 2006.
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NNSL Columnists

Walt Humphries
Monday morning, I was out at my cabin listening to the news. It said that Hay River was under an advisory, warning people to be prepared in case they had ... See: Walt Humphries
Cece Hodgson-McCauley
Maybe the time is now to wake up in our NWT with federal and territorial elections coming in a few months. In the National Post June 29, the headline was ... See: Cece McCauley
NNSL photo/graphic
Eugenie Bouchard was the next big thing in Canadian women's tennis and judging by her results last season, you'd be hard-pressed to deny that. Fast-forward in time and thing ... See: James McCarthy
Mike W. Bryant
Well, if anyone were to ask me now what my personal definition of hell is, it might involve a half-kilometre march over hill and muskeg while tandem carrying two gas cans and ... See: Mike W. Bryant
Harry Maksagak
In our experiences we've encountered, some have been placed in our subconscious and will remain there until a trigger exposes them; others are reflected on ... See: Harry Maksagak
Antoine Mountain
Friends, a recent article in News/North about another huge find, this one of almost 200 billion - billion, mind you - barrels of oil in the Sahtu, gives you a good idea of ... See: Antoine Mountain
NNSL photo/graphic
Trying to find time to compose a column while we are in the middle of our big yearly shopping trip in Yellowknife is posing to be quite the challenge ... See: Libby Whittall-Catling
NNSL photo/graphic
Lots of lake trout and char fishermen and fisherwomen out there in the evenings and weekends. Whenever there is time off work, many head out in their quads, since the snow has ... See: Navalik Tologanak


NNSL photo/graphic
NNSL photo/graphic

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Established in 1945, News/North covered the 61 communities in the Northwest Territories, a 1,400,000 square mile region north of the 60th parallel. The region made up the present Northwest Territories, plus the area which, in April of 1999 became the new territory of Nunavut. Since then, News/North has evolved into two separate publications, each serving its respective territory. In addition, the Yellowknifer, Deh Cho Drum, Inuvik Drum and Kivalliq News serve regional interests in both territories.