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Bison calves faced harshest recorded year, says GNWT
A higher-than-normal winter mortality rate for the Nahanni population of bison in the Deh Cho has officers with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources pointing to a warm spell last winter as the likely culprit.

Nunavut's biggest party ever
With 74 days until the launch of national celebrations for Canada's 150th birthday, Canadian Heritage Minister Melanie Joly announced $738,000 in funding Oct. 19.

Rolling in the carpet
There aren't many houses in Yellowknife Paul McGrath hasn't seen in his eight years working for local flooring company Fitzgerald Carpeting.
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Salmon run hits
The promise of a larger-than-normal chum salmon run through the Deh Cho lived up to its hype this month as local fishermen started hauling in the big fish.
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Land rights concerns dominate discussion
Protecting Gwich'in traditional use rights on the land was the top concern voiced at a public meeting in Inuvik last week held by the GNWT to showcase its draft recreational land management framework. ARROW  Continued

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quoteEditorially speaking
It would be funny if it weren't so alarming. In the legislative assembly last week, Yellowknife North MLA Cory Vanthuyne requested Transportation Minister Wally Schumann ask that shoulder lines be ...

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Walt Humphries
Since Halloween is rapidly approaching, the idea and concept of costumes has been on my mind. The image came to me of using toilet paper to dress up as a ... See: Walt Humphries
Cece Hodgson-McCauley
I tell you, our territories are so rich with precious minerals. Time is now for us Northerners to start moving and doing something about it. You know the saying ... See: Cece McCauley
NNSL photo/graphic
Now, most of you who know me will know I am a softball umpire, which means I have to play by the rules. I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't play by the rules. Rules are ... See: James McCarthy
NNSL photo/graphic
After a week in Toronto doing some work at the Anglican Church archives with business partners and seeing, living, breathing and experiencing life in such a busy city, I've ... See: Edna Elias
Harry Maksagak
There is an awe and beauty in watching the animal kingdom and how they know when to move and to where. This happens around the same time each year, in ... See: Harry Maksagak
Antoine Mountain
Friends, everyone said that the Indigenous PhD Studies I am now on my second year of would not be easy, and they were right! One thing I know for sure is that ... See: Antoine Mountain
Mike W. Bryant
Well, there is tourism treasure in the North - in the sky above and in the watery depths too. It was these deeper treasures that interested Gijs Van Straten of Oegstgeest ... See: Mike Bryant
NNSL photo/graphic
Welcome to Cambridge Bay, Nunavut where the beauty of our land is turning white with snowfall off and on the past couple of weeks. The ocean and lakes and ... See: Navalik Tologanak

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NNSL photo/graphic

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Established in 1945, News/North covered the 61 communities in the Northwest Territories, a 1,400,000 square mile region north of the 60th parallel. The region made up the present Northwest Territories, plus the area which, in April of 1999 became the new territory of Nunavut. Since then, News/North has evolved into two separate publications, each serving its respective territory. In addition, the Yellowknifer, Deh Cho Drum, Inuvik Drum and Kivalliq News serve regional interests in both territories.