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NNSL photo/graphic
Inuvik Drum


NNSL photo/graphic

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lake awry

This week's headlines

Mad Trapper Pub steeped in history
The Mad Trapper Pub is almost as old as the town of Inuvik itself.
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New hands at the helm
Two months isn't a very long time, but the wait has certainly been long enough for the newly elected Gwich'in Tribal Council executives.
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Whirlwind tour for Girl Guides
After a whirlwind tour that took them to four European countries, Inuvik's Girl Guides are back home.
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Green shacks are back
It's better late than never for the green shacks of Inuvik.
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Yankees take top slo-pitch title
The Inuvik slo-pitch league's season ended last weekend with the top team having to defeat its rival twice to claim the championship.

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