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NNSL Photo/Graphic
NNSL photo/graphic
NNSL Photo/Graphic
NNSL photo/graphic
NNSL photo/graphic
Inuvik Drum


NNSL photo/graphic

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lake awry

This week's headines

The importance of unity
Inuvik is noticeably slower this week, as most visitors in town for the Inuit Circumpolar Council general assembly and Northern Games have made their way back to their home communities.
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Church wins high-kick gold
It's not often someone wins a high-profile contest like the men's one-foot high kick at the Traditional Circumpolar Northern Games and says he's just as proud of coaching his sister to multiple medals.
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Research makes a difference
A 10-year partnership agreement between the Arctic Research Institute in Inuvik and Ontario's Wilfrid Laurier University is leading to some good results in climate-change research.
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Worldview of Inuit art
Squeezed in between the Great Northern Arts Festival and the Inuit Circumpolar Council general assembly was a notable exhibition of Inuit art.
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Youth on a $600 mission
Thanks to some firm grandmotherly advice, Xavier Hansen is learning early about the value of a dollar.
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Park talks
The Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment is making sure territorial parks in the Inuvik region are receiving their fair share of public attention.
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Walk in park on special day
People from around the area celebrated national Parks Day with enthusiasm July 19 at the Western Arctic Regional Visitor Centre.

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