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NNSL Photo/Graphic
NNSL photo/graphic
NNSL Photo/Graphic
NNSL photo/graphic
NNSL photo/graphic
Inuvik Drum


Hockey Pool

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lake awry

This week's headines

Food wastage brought to light
A documentary shown at the Aurora Research Institute left a bad taste in the audience's mouth on Oct. 25.
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GNWT calling energy companies
The GNWT's Petroleum Resources Division has issued its first-ever call cycle to energy companies interested in potentially developing lands in the central Mackenzie Valley, the Mackenzie Delta and the High Arctic islands.
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Safety first at car seat clinic
Car seat safety is one of the most important things parents can do to protect children, and it's something that's too often sadly neglected.
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Fighting the outbreak from afar
Doctors Without Borders got itself almost $20,000 thanks, in part, to a fundraising dinner.
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Small businesses recognized
National Small Business Week was saluted in Inuvik on Oct. 23 thanks to the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment (ITI) and the Inuvik Chamber of Commerce.
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Top results for cross country runners
The East Three Secondary School cross-country running team ran its competition to ground Oct. 19 at the Yellowknife Cross-country Run.

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