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NNSL photo/graphic

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lake awry

This week's headlines

Festival keeps growing
Warmer than usual weather and a weekend full of events drew out big crowds for the 2017 Inuvik Sunrise Festival.
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Town explores new gas options
The Town of Inuvik is on the hunt for a new home heating fuel supplier after Inuvik Gas announced it was cancelling its agreement with the community two years into a 10-year deal.
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Talent works together at a distance
Almost like a game of telephone on a canvas, the Great Northern Art Exchange produces collaborative works without artists ever meeting each other, and the next round is set to begin soon.
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Chinook winds so warm
While Canadians in Alberta and British Columbia have been complaining about cold temperatures, residents of the far North have been treated to a balmy start to the new year.
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GNWT idles on asbestos disclosure
The GNWT won't follow the federal government's lead in publicly disclosing a list of buildings it owns or leases containing asbestos, which can cause cancer when inhaled.
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Sno pitch a winter hit
The key way to adapt regular slo pitch skills to the winter field of sno pitch at the 2017 Inuvik Sunrise Festival was not to take it too seriously.

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