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NNSL photo/graphic

Headlines: Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Back in action
Members of the Kivalliq Chamber of Commerce (KCC) met to revitalize the chamber at its annual general meeting (AGM) at the Meadowbank mine near Baker Lake earlier this month.

He delivers hockey dreams
Hundreds hung on at the Rankin Inlet arena on a freezing winter night as the clock neared 1 am ...

Going green in Naujaat
A geodesic greenhouse dome put into development by a pair of Ryerson University students is on the brink of paying huge dividends in Naujaat.

Traditions abound on Aboriginal Day
Hundreds of people came out to enjoy some tasty treats and cool summer drinks during the annual National Aboriginal Day barbecue co-sponsored by Kissarvik Co-op and the local detachment of the RCMP in Rankin Inlet this past week.

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