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NNSL photo/graphic

Headlines: Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Clawing for the pieces
The new facility used to host the recent visit of the Tuxedo Animal Hospital's pet clinic to Rankin Inlet proved itself to be a valuable addition to pet care in the community this past month.

Opening communication
The sixth annual Kivalliq Trade Show was given a collective thumbs-up from the business community in Rankin Inlet this past week.

Counting on carvings
Members of the arts community were, once again, front and centre at the sixth annual Kivalliq Trade Show in Rankin Inlet this past week.

Rankin's rising star
A young woman from Rankin Inlet with a gift for flare and fashion took home one of the biggest awards at the Nunavut Trade Show in Iqaluit this past month.

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