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Separate together

The goal of the territorial government's new family law mediation program can be summed up in two words: separate together. Launched in late March, the estimated $80,000 program aims to encourage couples involved in the process of separation or divorce to resolve matters cooperatively and outside of court.

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NWT Court Schedule
People and companies appearing before Northwest Territorial Court, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal.

Nunavut Court Schedule
People and companies appearing before Nunavut Territorial Court, Court Schedules, Rules of Court, and Practice Directives.

NWT Court Library System
Search for legal records via Keyword(s) - Style of Cause, Subject, Name of Judge, and/or Docket #.

Nunavut Court Decisions
Search for legal records in Nunavut by statute name, case name, citation, docket number.

NWT Court Decisions
Search for legal records in NWT by statute name, case name, citation, docket number.

Meet the Judges of Nunavut
Short biographies of Nunavut's judges.

NWT Sheriff's Office
The primary role of a Sheriff is his or her presence in the courtroom. A Sheriff is present in the courtroom, not only to assist in court procedure by calling jurors and escorting prisoners, but also to provide overall security for the judiciary, jurors, and court staff.

Nunavut Family Abuse Intervention Act
Emergency protection applications for wives needing protection from violent husbands, husbands needing protection from violent wives, children needing protection from violent parents, parents from violent children.

Nunavut Change of Name Forms
Required documents, application forms and Change of Name Act.

NWT Rental Office Decisions
Searchable database of landlord-tenant cases.

Information for Landlords and Tenants
A source of Information for both landlords and tenants covering aspects from tenancy agreements to eviction.

Court stories

Second Folk sex assault charge laid

A 24-year-old man has been charged in connection with an alleged sexual assault during a music festival six months ago.

Would-be racer gets six months for drunk driving causing bodily harm

A popular racing event held at the Fieldhouse in Yellowknife last summer went sideways when Joshua Andrews showed up.

Arson in Tuk leaves home 'uninhabitable'

A Tuktoyaktuk woman who lost her belongings and a safe place to sleep at night when a relative lit her apartment on fire in August says her residence is now "uninhabitable."

Folk sex assault charge stayed

A Yellowknife man accused of sexual assault at Folk on the Rocks on July 16, 2016 had the charge against him stayed in Territorial Court on Wednesday.

'You can't bring my brother back'

Susan Chaffee is furious at what she calls the "light" sentence given to the woman who killed her brother Archie Paulette.

Court case won

Last December brought along some especially good tidings for Baker Lake MLA Simeon Mikkungwak.

Murderer awaits sentence

A supreme court justice will wait until April to rule whether a Fort Good Hope youth who sexually assaulted and beat a young mother unrecognizable more than two years ago should be sentenced as an adult for her murder.

Irked over rental dispute changes

An Enterprise man is objecting to the fact he now has to file claims concerning rental disputes with the NWT Supreme Court in Yellowknife, instead of the Territorial Court in Hay River.

Sex attacker curses court in sentencing

A man who threatened to burn a woman and her house down after sexually assaulting her while she was asleep in her bed was sentenced to three and a half years in prison Thursday - a decision that did not please him.

GNWT idles on asbestos disclosure

The GNWT won't follow the federal government's lead in publicly disclosing a list of buildings it owns or leases containing asbestos, which can cause cancer when inhaled.

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