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Separate together

The goal of the territorial government's new family law mediation program can be summed up in two words: separate together. Launched in late March, the estimated $80,000 program aims to encourage couples involved in the process of separation or divorce to resolve matters cooperatively and outside of court.

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NWT Court Schedule
People and companies appearing before Northwest Territorial Court, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal.

Nunavut Court Schedule
People and companies appearing before Nunavut Territorial Court, Court Schedules, Rules of Court, and Practice Directives.

NWT Court Library System
Search for legal records via Keyword(s) - Style of Cause, Subject, Name of Judge, and/or Docket #.

Nunavut Court Decisions
Search for legal records in Nunavut by statute name, case name, citation, docket number.

NWT Court Decisions
Search for legal records in NWT by statute name, case name, citation, docket number.

Meet the Judges of Nunavut
Short biographies of Nunavut's judges.

NWT Sheriff's Office
The primary role of a Sheriff is his or her presence in the courtroom. A Sheriff is present in the courtroom, not only to assist in court procedure by calling jurors and escorting prisoners, but also to provide overall security for the judiciary, jurors, and court staff.

Nunavut Family Abuse Intervention Act
Emergency protection applications for wives needing protection from violent husbands, husbands needing protection from violent wives, children needing protection from violent parents, parents from violent children.

Nunavut Change of Name Forms
Required documents, application forms and Change of Name Act.

NWT Rental Office Decisions
Searchable database of landlord-tenant cases.

Information for Landlords and Tenants
A source of Information for both landlords and tenants covering aspects from tenancy agreements to eviction.

Court stories

Notorious Grollier Hall sex offender gets full parole

A man who abused young boys in residential schools in Inuvik and Saskatchewan is out of prison after serving just 10 months of a three-year sentence.

Man charged in jailhouse sexual assault

An inmate at the North Slave Correctional Centre has been charged with a violent sexual assault on a fellow inmate following an alleged incident at the facility late last month.

Police briefs: 73 bottles of booze siezed

Fort Resolution RCMP officers conducting traffic enforcement on Dec. 6 stopped a vehicle near Little Buffalo River, about 20 km west of Fort Resolution. As a result, one open bottle of liquor and an additional 72 375-millilitre bottles of spirits were located in the vehicle and seized.

Nine months for trafficking

A B.C. man has been sentenced to nine months in jail after pleading guilty to possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking.

Inmate raises stink over toilet incident

An inmate at the North Slave Correctional Centre is raising a stink after claiming he was forced to clean up 36 litres of raw sewage in his cell without proper protective equipment.

Police warn of sex offender's return

Yellowknife RCMP are warning residents to be on the lookout for a violent sex offender who has returned to Yellowknife after sexually assaulting two young girls in 2002.

Wrigley man gets two years in jail

A Wrigley man has been sentenced to two years less a day in jail after he pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a female friend at a campground on June 2, 2013.

Third man ensnared in bogus cheque-cashing scheme

A third man ensnared in a scheme targeting street people to cash bogus cheques has been sentenced to one day in jail, a year's probation and 50 hours of community service.

Man held in custody while community seeks answers

Donovan Iyerak, 27, made his first appearance by video in Iqaluit court Sept. 7 in relation to a shooting spree in Iglulik three days prior, where a man on a snowmobile drove around the community, shooting at the RCMP detachment and vehicles and other buildings.

Det'on Cho sued for $100,000

Bassett Petroleum Distributors Ltd. is suing Det'on Cho Construction Ltd. for $97,263 plus interest, claiming the Yellowknives Dene-owned company owes for unpaid fuel deliveries.

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