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Separate together

The goal of the territorial government's new family law mediation program can be summed up in two words: separate together. Launched in late March, the estimated $80,000 program aims to encourage couples involved in the process of separation or divorce to resolve matters cooperatively and outside of court.

Legal Links

NWT Court Schedule
People and companies appearing before Northwest Territorial Court, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal.

Nunavut Court Schedule
People and companies appearing before Nunavut Territorial Court, Court Schedules, Rules of Court, and Practice Directives.

NWT Court Library System
Search for legal records via Keyword(s) - Style of Cause, Subject, Name of Judge, and/or Docket #.

Nunavut Court Decisions
Search for legal records in Nunavut by statute name, case name, citation, docket number.

NWT Court Decisions
Search for legal records in NWT by statute name, case name, citation, docket number.

Meet the Judges of Nunavut
Short biographies of Nunavut's judges.

NWT Sheriff's Office
The primary role of a Sheriff is his or her presence in the courtroom. A Sheriff is present in the courtroom, not only to assist in court procedure by calling jurors and escorting prisoners, but also to provide overall security for the judiciary, jurors, and court staff.

Nunavut Family Abuse Intervention Act
Emergency protection applications for wives needing protection from violent husbands, husbands needing protection from violent wives, children needing protection from violent parents, parents from violent children.

Nunavut Change of Name Forms
Required documents, application forms and Change of Name Act.

NWT Rental Office Decisions
Searchable database of landlord-tenant cases.

Information for Landlords and Tenants
A source of Information for both landlords and tenants covering aspects from tenancy agreements to eviction.

Court stories

No jail for Legion thief

A woman who stole money and alcohol from the Vincent Massey branch of the Royal Canadian Legion earlier this year has been spared a jail sentence.

'Police and courts' don't cut it for mentally ill: advocate

Keeping people with mental health issues from committing crimes and ending up in correctional centres will take more than just a new Mental Health Act, according to Health Minister Glen Abernethy.

'Nothing short of torture'

A judge who sent a man to jail for more than 13 months Friday for possessing child porn said the videos and images "depict nothing short of torture."

Bourque gets five years for deadly beating at party

The city's largest courtroom was nearly full Wednesday as the impact of the manslaughter death of Emerson Curran in 2013 was recounted during Roman Bourque's sentencing hearing.

Conviction opens Deh Cho seat

Deh Cho MLA Michael Nadli has been suspended from the legislature in the wake of a 45-day jail sentence for assault causing bodily harm.

MLA sentenced to 45 days in jail

Michael Nadli has been sentenced to 45 days in jail for assault causing bodily harm.

Boat tours prompt charges

Boat tours offered as part of Old Town Ramble & Ride this summer by businessman Wayne Guy violated the NWT's Tourism Act, according to charges filed in territorial court last month.

Behchoko mourns man killed in attack

Behchoko mourned Oct. 5 as residents came out to remember the life of Elvis Lafferty, who died in an alleged attack in Yellowknife during the early morning hours of Sept. 28.

Proposed legislation would see government seize assets of crime

The Government of Nunavut (GN) is considering legislation that would allow it to seize property or assets that are suspected to be instruments or proceeds of illegal activity.

'I need the sentence today'

A woman who robbed Toronto Dominion Bank last month made an unorthodox request Tuesday, asking the judge to skip the legal formalities and get right to sentencing her for her crimes.

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