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Cat's eye view
Photos taken by Yellowknife feline on exhibit

Adrian Lysenko
Northern News Services
Published Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SOMBA K'E/YELLOWKNIFE - Just when you thought Yellowknife couldn't get any weirder, Leo the cat has his own photo exhibit at Down to Earth Gallery.

NNSL photo/graphic

Fran Hurcomb holds her cat Leo with a camera attached to his collar outside her home in Old Town on Saturday afternoon. - Adrian Lysenko/NNSL photo

Hes a wild guy and a bit of a wanderer, said Fran Hurcomb, photographer and artist describing her three-year-old cat, Leo.

I was always curious where he was going.

Hurcomb said she knew the cat was known to wander far from her home on Bryson Drive.

While searching the web for a GPS tracker collar Hurcomb heard about a small camera from Germany that could be placed on your pet.

"I ordered it and when it arrived I followed its somewhat garbled instructions, said Hurcomb.

"But I surprised how sharp the pictures were."

So last summer Leo had his wanderings chronicled through the CatCam.

We all thought it was a hoot, said Cathie Harper, artist and friend of Hurcomb.

Its priceless. You get a cats eye view of things.

The camera has an interval timer that can be set to determine how often it takes pictures.

Every day in the summer Hurcomb would anxiously await the arrival of Leo to see what pictures he took.

Wed gather around and see what he got, said Hurcomb.

It was exciting but it was a hit or miss. Sometimes youd get a whole bunch of black pictures because he slept for most of the day.

Through hundreds of pictures she got a glimpse into the secret life of Leo the cat.

Hurcomb said there were shots underneath cars, fences, and other hangouts of a cat. She would even hear about kids from the neighbourhood picking up Leo and smiling into the camera for long durations until both Leo's and their patience reached its max.

Afterwards Fran compiled a poster from the most interesting shots Leo had taken over the summer and put it on display at the Down to Earth Gallery.

The pictures exceeded my expectations, said Harper. You wonder about how he got the angle on some of them.

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