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House burns twice in one week

Community watch group to start after string of suspicious fires

Elizabeth McMillan
Northern News Services
Friday, May 21, 2010

RADILIH KOE/FORT GOOD HOPE - Two fires earlier this month are speeding Fort Good Hope's plans to organize a community watch program. News LinkContinued

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NNSL Photo/Graphic

Fort Good Hope's Northern store burned to the ground on Monday, Dec, 14, as firefighters worked from around 3 p.m. to after 10 p.m., at which time it still smouldered. No one was injured in the fire and the cause is still under investigation by the NWT fire marshal's office. - photo courtesy of Vivian Edgi-Manuel


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Caribou restrictions
The GNWT has deemed the Bathurst caribou at risk and is now taking measures to protect the dwindling herd, estimated at less than 32,000 animals. The plan includes restricted hunting in the South Slave and parts of the North Slave and a no-harvesting zone spanning more than 120,000 kilometres. The no-harvesting zone restricts hunting to everyone including aboriginal harvesters. Do you agree with the decision? Will you abide by the restrictions?
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New year
A lot has happened in the past 12 months here in the territory, around Canada and abroad. What do you think has been the most significant territorial, Canadian or world event of 2009? As you look forward to 2010 what are you hoping to see happen? Have you made any personal new year resolutions?
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Shining a light in the dark
Filmmaker Raymond Yakeleya is delving into dark territory with his new documentary on suicide. His work will focus on sharing the stories of the past students of Grollier Hall residential school who took their lives. Suicide is often considered a taboo topic to discuss, even the media is at odds over whether it should be reported publicly. What do you think? Should suicide be discussed more openly?
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Liquor restrictions
Both Tutoyaktuk and Aklavik held plebiscites to restrict alcohol in the communities. Tuk residents supported restrictions while the people of Aklavik defeated the idea. However, both votes were close demonstrating there is a mixed opinion over alcohol use. Should governments control liquor sales? Should people be forced to be responsible for themselves?
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In the news this week

Robert and Agnes Kuptana pose with the suspected polar-grizzly hybrid bear. Robert Kuptana shot the bear May 11 on the ice near Minto Inlet, northwest of Ulukhaktok. Possible grizzly/polar bear hybrid shot
in Ulukhaktok

Robert Kuptana has been hunting polar bears for decades but last Tuesday was the first time he had ever seen a brown bear running across sea ice. "Why would a grizzly bear be hunting seals?" he said. "It's a land animal. They wait for fish in rivers. at left: Robert and Agnes Kuptana pose with the suspected polar-grizzly hybrid bear."

John Pollard is the chief federal negotiator who will lead consultations and negotiations with the GNWT and aboriginal leaders on how land and water boards will be structured. No need to reopen land claims: negotiator
The man heading negotiations to streamline the territory's regulatory regime said no land claims will be reopened in the process. NWT Deputy Premier Michael Miltenberger told News/North earlier this month the land claim issue will come up "without a doubt." But John Pollard (pictured at left), the chief federal negotiator leading consultations and negotiations with the GNWT and aboriginal leaders on how land and water boards will be structured, disagrees.

Garry Yelle is a cartoonist and painter who also creates wall hangings from poplar branches and other fine craftwork.

Illustrator explores raw urban images
NWT NEWS/NORTH - Graphic designer, painter and illustrator Garry Yelle enjoys celebrating Northern wildlife and landscapes in his commercial work. The 34-year-old artist from Boundary Creek near Yellowknife has created murals, promotional imagery and decorative designs in recent years for a variety of contracts and competitions. He has also donated work to a variety of community and charity fundraisers in the territory.

The U-13 girls team poses with their silver medals after being defeated in the final of the Rock Around the Clock soccer tournament in Grande Prairie, Alta., on May 2.

Behchoko reaches tournament finals in Alberta
NWT NEWS/NORTH - You can't come any closer to winning than the soccer teams from Behchoko's Chief Jimmy Bruneau School. The school made its annual pilgrimage to Grande Prairie, Alta., for the Rock Around the Clock tournament, which ended on May 2. At left: The U-13 girls team poses with their silver medals after being defeated in the final.


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