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Nunavut News
NNSL Photo/Graphic Union and employer in numbers standoff
Can't agree on how much the cost of living rose in Nunavut

It's a war of words over numbers as Qulliq Energy Corporation workers continue to strike over their desire for a cost of living increase, while the government maintains its offer includes an appropriate increase.
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mine training society

Happenings around Nunavut

Officials in Pangnirtung are hoping to rebuild the secondary land bridge that gives easier access for heavy equipment to the town's dump site and the new housing complexes. The bridge was destroyed last month due to flooding caused by ice-clogged culverts. Bridge out of commission
NUNAVUT NEWS/NORTH - Officials in Pangnirtung are hoping the Nunavut government will help rebuild a land bridge that was destroyed last month due to ice-clogged culverts. "Just because of the high melt-off and high river flow, it just washed out the bridge," said senior administrative officer Shawn Trepanier.

Hamlet residents no longer have to worry about the safety of their water in Iglulik. Tests have come back clean and the boil water advisory has been lifted. The above picture shows a fluke that got sucked up by the hamlet's water truck, not equipped with a filter, and deposited into the water system last month. Costly fixes for water problems
NUNAVUT NEWS/NORTH - Water delivery is returning to normal in Iglulik, but now the hamlet has to make up the financial hit. “We basically ran out of water,” said Michael Rowan, acting senior administrative officer, summarizing the series of events. “We did two rounds of testing as required, and the laboratory we worked through came back with clear results for both testing.”

Atiqtalaaq “Q” Uuttuvak, originally of Pond Inlet, was en route to Hungary on July 22 to begin his European hockey vacation. His family managed to raise enough money to fly everyone over.

Hockey dreams now a reality
NUNAVUT NEWS/NORTH - Don't ever let anyone tell you that dreams can't come true, especially not to Atiqtalaaq Uuttuvak. The nine-year-old hockey star, originally from Pond Inlet, is now in Hungary to begin his summer hockey vacation. He met up with his teammates on July 24 in Budapest. The young man known as “Q” said he was excited to finally be on his way.

Winnipeg artist Kyle Sherman painted the cover image for Kathleen Merritt's new album, Ivaluarjuk: Ice, Lines and Sealskin. Merritt launched the album while on tour in the NWT earlier this month.

Fiddles and sealskin
NUNAVUT NEWS/NORTH - Some artists suffer in the name of their work. Throatsinger, writer, and spoken word artist Kathleen Merritt suffered “a little bit of hypothermia” this past winter in the quest to create her newly-released album, Ivaluarjuk: Ice, Lines and Sealskin, but the artist is not complaining.

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Nunavut News

NNSL photo/graphic

NNSL photo/graphic

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