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Nunavut: Week in pictures

NNSL Photo/Graphic

After an eight-month ban, Baffin Island caribou are open to harvest, with a total limit of 250. The Qikiqtaaluk Wildlife Board will be responsible for determining allocation of tags among hunter and trapper organizations. - NNSL file photo
Baffin Island caribou ban lifted
Wildlife board gives harvest the green light, survey to commence

After a ban on all caribou hunting earlier in the year, the Nunavut Wildlife Management Board has now given the green light to a limited harvest. ARROW Continued

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Happenings around Nunavut

Iqaluit's Alex McDermott fights with Liam Larocque of the NWT for the ball as Pond Inlet's Gavin Kunuk comes for support during boys basketball action at the Western Canada Summer Games in Fort McMurray, Alta., on Aug. 10. Playing hard in Alberta
NUNAVUT NEWS/NORTH - To say Nunavut didn't try to win a medal at the Western Canada Summer Games in Fort McMurray, Alta. would probably be one of the more unfair statements anyone's ever made. Team Nunavut was the smallest contingent at this year's festivities but they certainly didn't embarrass themselves in the slightest as the Games wrapped up on Aug. 16.

Scary Bear Soundtrack released their latest album Ovayok Road Aug. 14, featuring the hit Fault Lines. Scary Bear's funny side
NUNAVUT NEWS/NORTH - While the sound of a synthesizer sneaks into the silence, piano notes chime in as though it were a cluster of twinkling stars in Scary Bear Soundtrack's song My First Northern Lights. It offers a soothing rhythm that makes me feel like time is standing still; while listening to it, I can easily imagine the singer staring in awe and disbelief at the stream of green and purple lights dancing across the sky.

Moe Guimond leads striking Qulliq Energy Corporation workers on a walk through Iqaluit during time on the picket line. The government and the union have reached a tentative agreement.

Tentative end to strike
NUNAVUT NEWS/NORTH - The Government of Nunavut and Qulliq Energy Corporation's unionized workers have come to a tentative agreement, but the boss at the Nunavut Employees Union isn't too excited about it. "It's not a great deal, but it's probably the best deal possible at this time with the government," said union president Bill Fennell.

Cargo workers unload a First Air jet during the mid-day rush at the Rankin Inlet airport in September 2012. The company’s vice-president of operations, Vic Charlebois, said amendments to aviation legislation limiting the time pilots may spend in the cockpits could see the cost of flights rise.

Feds suggest reducing pilot duty hours
NUNAVUT NEWS/NORTH - Airlines are saying airfares could rise next year after the federal government recently put forth a document officially stating its intention to change how many hours pilots can be on duty. On Aug. 8, Transport Canada published a notice of intent to amend the Canadian aviation regulations on the limitations concerning the flight and duty hours.

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NNSL photo/graphic

NNSL photo/graphic

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