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Headlines: Monday, March 30, 2015/span>

Eco-tourism, mineral development possible in Thaidene Nene
Lutsel K'e Dene First Nation and the territorial government are working towards a "made-in-the-North" agreement on Thaidene Nene which could leave the possibility for mineral development within the proposed reserve.
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All work and no play
More than half of those working in the Northwest Territories mining industry do not live here, and the biggest reason for it appears to be the high cost-of-living.
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Feds appeal land and water board ruling
A lawyer for the Tlicho Government does not think the NWT court of appeal will overturn a recent court decision that delays the scrapping of the territory's regional land and water boards in favour of one super board.
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Snap Lake water quality decision in hands of Mackenzie Valley board
There are no guidelines governing an acceptable level of pollutants in Snap Lake, meaning a high-stakes decision is wholly at the discretion of the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board.
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Decentralization: 22 vacancies remain
The majority of vacant government positions created after decentralization have been filled according to a GNWT news release issued last week.
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Being a good neighbour
A caribou hunt several days ago on the east arm of Great Slave Lake was not in violation of any legislated restrictions, a spokesperson for the Department of Environment and Natural Resources confirmed last week.
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Tetlit Gwichin hospitality
Fort McPherson resident Diane Koe was inspired to show some Tetlit Gwich'in hospitality during a recent closure of the Dempster Highway near the community last week.
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Discovery raises concern
ConocoPhillips Canada may have applied to the GNWT for a significant discovery licence, but a slowdown in oil and gas exploration means this move is only bad news for the Sahtu region.
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More snow may mean less smoke
There is a degree of good news about the forest fire risk and low water levels in the NWT this year. Environment Canada climatologist David Phillips has confirmed there has been more snowfall this winter than last, which he said should help on both fronts.
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Kennady shares volatile
Kimberlites may be shaped like carrots, but the price of Kennady Diamonds looks more like a roller coaster.
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South Slave takes Arctic Winter Games
Hay River and Fort Smith have won the right to co-host the 2018 Arctic Winter Games prompting a series of cheers from those present when the news spread March 18.
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Lost in translation
Accommodating the territory's 11 official languages continues to be a challenge for the territorial government.
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South Slavey gets a boost
Three months ago a conversation in South Slavey didn't hold Joyce McLeod's interest for long, with many of the word's meanings lost on her.
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Community rallies for burned van
John Westergreen hopes the van he used to deliver charitable goods might soon be replaced since it was broken into and burned about two weeks ago, thanks to an online fundraising campaign started by his daughter.
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Wilderness lodge with a difference
The Hay River Reserve now has a new wilderness lodge but it's a wilderness lodge with a difference.
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Colville Lake considers building new school
Residents of Colville Lake say proposed renovations to their one-room school are not enough and they want the territorial government to consider a new facility instead.
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Fourth conviction lands drunk driver jail time
A Tlicho man has been sentenced to 90 days in jail and banned from getting behind the wheel until 2024 after his fourth driving while disqualified conviction.
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Where North meets south
Cora Rabisca has big plans the summer. The Grade 12 student at Chief T'Selehye School will be travelling with Northern Youth Abroad (NYA), a charitable organization that enables Northwest Territories and Nunavut youth to get hands-on work experience and skills training in cities around the world.
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Mushroom mania takes over
The excitement over morel mushrooms - more precisely, the money that can be made harvesting them - appears to be growing if last week's information session is any indication.
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