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Headlines: Monday, December 15, 2014

Revenues less than hoped
The Deh Cho Bridge is still not bringing in the revenue the GNWT expected, but Finance Minister Michael Miltenberger says that's not the way to look at the bridge.
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Lawyer announces court appeal following urinal uproar
The defence lawyer for one of three accused in a high profile meat wastage trial announced his intention to file an appeal with NWT Supreme Court last week after a previous request for a mistrial was shot down by presiding judge Brian Bruser.
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Crops for communities proposed
One hectare of crops in every community was one suggestion delegates from Gameti offered to the second annual anti-poverty roundtable, held in Yellowknife earlier this month.
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High rise on the mend
As of last month, there is a new temporary fire alarm system in the Mackenzie Place high rise, bringing the building one step closer to being safe.
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Six wolves killed this fall in outskirts of Fort Smith.
Six wolves met their end this fall by getting too close to Fort Smith. The wolves were hanging out mostly on the outskirts of town. Then, about a month ago, a wolf took a dog out of the kennel of a dog musher ...
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Chum around Hay River
More information has surfaced literally in support of the belief/suspicion that chum salmon are populating the Hay River.
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Homegrown vet thriving in Yellowknife
Local veterinarian Michelle Tuma still has vivid memories of her first ever attempt to dissect an animal.
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Many unanswered questions
Government cuts to social programs are not directly to blame for the death of a young woman in Wrigley, but they certainly haven't helped the community.
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Former McPherson resident found dead in Whitehorse
A 17-year-old Gwich'in girl was found dead on a walking trail in Whitehorse's McIntyre subdivision Dec. 8.
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Lutsel K'e psyched on solar power
The Lutsel K'e Dene First Nation (LKDFN) is on its way to becoming the first independent power producer in the NWT with the recent installation of a 35 kilowatt solar farm.
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Voters elect three new mayors
The NWT will be getting three new mayors as a result of hamlet elections on Dec. 8.
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Fort Res fire department warned of huge fines, jail if caught fighting fires
Fort Resolution's deputy fire chief said he was warned he could face huge fines and jail time after telling News/North that firefighters wouldn't just sit and watch a house burn down following the closure of the community's fire department last month due to safety violations.
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Traditional knowledge finding a place in science
Inuvialuit have been pushing scientists to use traditional knowledge more formally when studying marine life in the Western Arctic. And now a group of scientists with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) is working to do just that.
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Sewing up the market
Debbie Purchase of Fort Smith learned how to sew and make alterations to clothes when she was just a girl.
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A 'mind-opening' experience
Earlier this year, two Tulita students stepped out of the classroom and into the fall session of the NWT legislative assembly for a chance to see the territory's leaders in action.
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73 bottles of booze siezed
Fort Resolution RCMP officers conducting traffic enforcement on Dec. 6 stopped a vehicle near Little Buffalo River, about 20 km west of Fort Resolution. As a result, one open bottle of liquor and an additional 72 375-millilitre bottles of spirits were located in the vehicle and seized.
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