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Monday, September 15, 2014

Weapons drawn

Somba K'e/Yellowknife

RCMP officers blocked a stretch of Kam Lake Road at 9:40 p.m. on Saturday with the road remaining closed past midnight.

Three police vehicles sped into the industrial park at 9:35 p.m. with lights flashing, but no sirens.

At least three officers on Kam Lake Road carried shotguns and at least one officer carried what appeared to be a long gun with a detachable magazine on a sling.

Officers at the road blocks advised motorists in the area to stay clear of that stretch of Kam Lake Road, Curry Drive and Hudson Avenue. At least two RCMP trucks and two cruisers were in the area at the time.

Officers declined to comment on the operation.

-Daron Letts

Deline boaters found

Deline/Fort Franklin

Two boaters were found safe after becoming separated from a group of hunters on Great Bear Lake on Sept. 6, say RCMP.

The men were travelling from McGill Bay to Ekka on a caribou hunting trip when wind and water conditions were rough and they were separated from three other hunters following in another boat, states an RCMP release.

Police officers, RCMP Search and Rescue personnel and Deline residents worked together to co-ordinate a search. Two North-Wright Airways aircraft also assisted.

Spotters in the planes found the men on an island just west of Ekka Island at about 7:30 p.m. They were given food and supplies before continuing on their hunting trip.

- Kassina Ryder

Hunters found safe

Deh Gah Got'ie/Fort Providence

Four Fort Providence hunters who were reported missing when they did not return home from a Sept. 3 hunting trip have been found.

RCMP began their search with the help of local volunteers on the evening of Sept. 4. They were unsuccessful in their efforts at first and the following day the Civilian Air Search and Rescue Association was asked to take assist. The hunters were eventually located heading back toward Fort Providence by a pilot flying his personal helicopter on the afternoon of Sept. 5.

The hunters were "all taken to town and are in good spirits," stated an RCMP press release.

- Cody Punter

Anti-bullying campaign


The GNWT is rolling out a new online anti-bullying campaign with the launch of its NWT Stand Up Stop Bullying website last week.

The website includes resources for students, parents and teachers.

- Cody Punter

Canoe leadership course on offer

Thebacha/Fort Smith

Paddle Canada was offering a canoe trip leadership course just outside of Fort Smith from Sept. 12 to 14.

The course is intended for those who want to learn how to become trip leaders. Participants were required to have canoeing experience and their own gear prior to signing up.

Once completed, participants were to be officially certified to take people out on trips.

The provisional plan was to leave from Hay Camp, then paddle down to the take-out below Cassette Rapids, before portaging around split rock on the far side of the rapids, then camping at Roller Coaster, with a possible overnight stop somewhere on the Dog River.

- Cody Punter

Sight your rifle coming up

Thebacha/Fort Smith

Marksmen getting ready for the upcoming hunting season had the option to come out to a rifle-sighting course at the Fort Smith Conservation Association Range on Sept. 12 and 13.

The event, run by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, was to teach hunters how to sight their rifles and shoot more accurately in order to reduce the wounding and wastage of wildlife.

Doors prizes and marksmanship awards were offered over the course of the two days.

Participants were reminded to ensure rifles were unloaded and in safe working order before transporting them.

- Cody Punter

Lute Festival coming to Fort Smith

Thebacha/Fort Smith

The International Lute Festival will be making a stop at Fort Smith Saint Joseph's Cathedral on Sept. 25.

This year's festival is focusing on the French Baroque era and will be led by acclaimed international lutenists Benjamin Narvey and Michel Cardin and Hay River's Tyler Hawkins. They will be accompanied by Fort Smith's Karen Zaidan and Yellowknife's Daniel Gillis on vocals.

Tickets can be purchased from the Northern Life Museum and Cultural Centre.

- Cody Punter

Water board treats students to lunch


Students at Moose Kerr School were treated to a thank-you lunch by the Inuvialuit Water Board in the school's foyer on Sept. 9.

At the end of last school year students in grades three to five took part in a competition to design a new logo for the water board. School secretary Bobbie Greenland-Morgan said the resulting logo is a combination of several different student's designs.

Mardy Semmler, executive director of the water board, and several other members of the board arrived by boat in the morning and hosted a lunch for 26 students and their parents where they announced a $500 donation to the school.

Greenland-Morgan says she expects the money to go towards the school's breakfast and snack program, but first the staff needs to get input from the students.

- Mark Rendell

Dinner for Tuk grandparents


The grandparents of Tuktoyaktuk are in for a treat on Sept. 21 when a dinner in their honour will be held in Kitti Hall to celebrate Grandparent's Day.

Steaks, salads and deserts will be served, says recreation co-ordinator Caroline Loreen.

The event starts at 5 p.m. and grandparents don't need to register beforehand.

Loreen says the annual event is a lot of fun and she expects around 30 people to show up.

- Mark Rendell