Northerners have until Sunday to support one of the region’s finest ice sculptors in a national contest.

Derrald Taylor’s ice sculpture “As Spirit Told” is one of seven entries in the virtual Winterlude National Ice-Carving Competition.

Derrald Taylor’s ‘As Spirit Told’ depicts the spirit drumdancer and culture of Northern Indigenous people .image sourced from the Government of Canada

Sculptures are part of a virtual competition this year due to public safety concerns related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Voters are asked to select their three favourite sculptures through the website based on overall impression, concept, creativity and originality, quality of technical work; and attention to detail,

Like all competitors, Taylor was involved with sculpting between Jan. 8 to 10 and completed his work over a 28-hour period.

Sculptor Derrald Taylor works on the ‘As Spirit Told’ ice sculpture on Frame Lake in January
Simon Whitehouse/NNSL photo

“The spirit drumdancer is singing of our culture and customs and how our ancestors lived thousands of years ago,” states the description of the sculpture. “The Dancing Scarf Child is mimicking the spirit drumdancers stories being told. Even the Polar Bear celebrates with toys that were made from animals and materials from the land. Mother Earth is splendid!”


The winner will be announced on Sunday, Feb. 12 at noon (ET).


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  1. Darrald Taylor is one of the most dedicated artist to his carvings both small and huge. I have several of his pieces and I display them with pride in his amazing talent. This Ice Sculpture is beautiful and perfect.

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