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Jessica McVicker’s Northern inspiration

In her 13 years living in the North, Jessica McVicker has developed a deep personal connection with many places in Yellowknife and beyond.
“When I started to branch out and get more colours involved, it was kind of a striking moment; it made me feel very creative,” says Jessica McVicker. Ian Down/NNSL file photo

In her 13 years living in the North, Jessica McVicker has developed a deep personal connection with many places in Yellowknife and beyond.

These places, in addition to Northern fauna and McVicker’s own dreams, will be on display in bright acrylic at her first art show in two years later this month.

Titled “Up North,” the exhibit will mostly be a collection of Northern scenes that have inspired the B.C.-born artist, whether it be Yellowknife’s Old Town or a towering grizzly bear.

“If you’re a lover of the North, then it’s the place for you,” she says. “I think there’s a little bit of everything for people.

“I’ve wanted to have a show and wanted to have a show and haven’t been able to, so this is a pretty exciting moment for me,” says McVicker. “And a lot of the pieces are my best work, I would say.”

Up North runs on April 22 and 23. More information is available on McVicker’s website at


Jessica McVicker says her favourite piece is based on a dream “that I was a boy who was catching all the fish in the world.” Ian Down/NNSL file photo
McVicker’s colourful studio on 52 Street. Ian Down/NNSL file photo
A work in progress that will be on display at the Up North show later this month. Ian Down/NNSL file photo
When not recreating a landscape on sight, McVicker does most of her painting in this corner of her studio. Ian Down/NNSL file photo
“It’s a very intuitive kind of activity that I’m doing at the moment — just kind of playing around with colour,” says McVicker of this painting. Ian Down/NNSL file photo
“What I’m doing is simplifying the information that existed before, and then, as I progress with it, I’ll add more detail,” says McVicker. Ian Down/NNSL file photo
For Jessica McVicker, positive moods bring out brighter colours in her work. Ian Down/NNSL file photo
Landscapes, for McViker, “are places that are… iconic to where I’m living, and that I’m very familiar with, and they are close to my heart.” Ian Down/NNSL file photo