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Prisoner who suffered fractured ribs in custody is freed

A Yellowknife man, who suffered two ribs fractured while in RCMP custody in July has been released from jail after 70 days in pre-trial custody.

Judge Garth Malakoe sentenced Michael Cotchilly, 42, to 105 days in jail yesterday afternoon – giving him 1.5 days credit for each day in jail. Crown prosecutor Billi Wun had asked for six months.

Cotchilly previously pleaded guilty to assault for spitting blood on Const. Chris Alward's sleeve and threatening to kill him.

Earlier this week, Cotchilly's lawyer Jay Bran requested a video be played he said would show his client handcuffed and co-operating when Alward kneed him in the back while in RCMP cells following his arrest. The video was not played in court.

Alward remains on active duty while his actions are being investigated by Edmonton Police.