Known by many as Welders Daughter, Yellowknife-based Karen Single Band — led by singer Karen Novak — is getting ready to once again bring music and shows to the North.

Posting an announcement on the band’s Facebook page on Aug. 6 with regards to new upcoming release dates, Novak revealed a variety of plans.

“I am a current mentee at NACC (Northern Arts and Cultural Centre) and have been working on a huge production (that has been delayed thanks to the pandemic), but we are still slowly progressing forward,” said Novak. “We have a new album waiting to be released. It’s a reissue of our first album, with new mastering. We’ve tuned it to 432 hz , added brand new graphics, and will (include) a 16-page booklet with the story inside.”

On top of the album, Novak has also been busy developing a rock trilogy featuring the band’s music, with hopes that they’ll be ready to present part one by sometime early next year.

Novak can’t wait to begin preforming the show as it’s something she’s been excited about for quite some time.

“I have been dreaming of this for over two decades now,” she said.

If remastered albums, rock trilogies, and big shows weren’t enough, Novak also noted that 2022 marks the band’s 25th anniversary.

“We are super excited to be preparing such a fabulous show for our return to the North,” said Novak

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