The Kinngait Performing Arts Club inherited some studio recording equipment as a result of the Nunavut Hitmakerz workshops and concert in the community in early February.

From left, Loriann Parr, Miazie Joanasie, Mary Ann Adla, Olipika Samayualie with Andrew Morrison of the Jerry Cans at the Kinngait Performing Arts Club in Cape Dorset last year. The club is going to host songwriting and recording sessions over the coming months, says founder and lead organizer Claude Constantineau. photo courtesy of the Kinngait Performing Arts Club

That equipment will be put to use by local residents in the coming months, said Claude Constantineau, the performing arts club’s founder and lead organizer.

“We’re going to be getting people to sign up in small groups to come in and we’ll start working on how do we do recordings and look at doing some songwriting activities and workshops,” said Constantineau.

The Kinngait Performing Arts Club, established in 2014, has arranged numerous concerts in Cape Dorset over the past five years. In addition, the group has assisted with mental health awareness and health-related events.

The club meets weekly at the community hall in a well-equipped room with a stage. Attendance ranges from 20 to 60 people, with many of those who show up being young adults, said Constantineau.

“We’re always open to hearing from bands from outside the community if they’re interested in coming here,” he said. “We have everything they need… basically, we’re fully geared up for live concerts and our doors are open.”

He added that drama and theatre productions are also on the club’s “to-do list.”

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