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Ten colourful years

Like watercolours on a canvas, the community blended together to show support for the Yellowknife Watercolour Society's 10-year anniversary this weekend.

To celebrate, the society organized its ninth-annual art show Saturday inside the Northern United Place auditorium. The show consisted work from numerous artists, including Kevin Bolstad, who said he enjoys showcasing his work because it allo

Michael Hugall / nnsl photo
Water Colour Society member Alex Wilkes poses for a picture while showcasing his art at the 9th annual Water Colour Society art-show on Saturday inside the Northern Place Auditorium.
(October 28, 2017)

ws people to see is inspiration.


Every couple years there are a few new members who bring a different style,” he said. “It's always exciting to see someone's different approach or the different subject matter.”

Martha Williams, a lover of art, showed up at the show to partake in the society's hands-on painting table.

I wasn't impressed by my first (painting),” said Williams, adding the act of putting brush to paper was relaxing.

The society, which is now in its 10th year, was formed by a small group of people who get joy from creating vibrant visual images. Their inspiration comes from landscapes to sailboats and even sometimes squirrels.

This is more just fun for me,” said member Alex Wilkes. “One of my paintings sold before it ever got out of the house and it gave me some satisfaction knowing that someone enjoyed my work.”

The Yellowknife Watercolour Society meets every Thursday.