A ring crafted from one of the finest gems to come from the Diavik diamond mine in the last 20 years was unveiled on Wednesday.

The piece of jewelry, titled Diavik Midnight Sun and boasting a value of $1.68 million, was crafted from an oval shaped 18-carat diamond with a vivid yellow color.

The stone cut for the ring weighed 36.75 carats as a rough diamond.

A cluster of rare Argyle pink diamonds, weighing four carats in total, was added to the ring as a contrasting feature. The pink diamonds came from Argyle diamond mine in western Australia.

The ring was unveiled by Rio Tinto, operators of the Diavik and Argyle diamond mines, and Musson Jewellers, based in Sydney, the capital of New South Wales in Australia, where the ring was revealed.

The Diavik Midnight Sun is being offered for sale by Musson Jewellers.

Naturally colored diamonds, such as the Diavik vivid yellow diamond, are created when trace elements interact with the carbon atoms during the diamond’s formation. The presence of nitrogen in the diamond is the cause of its yellow colour.

In the case of pink diamonds, there are no trace elements found within in them. Instead, the colour is caused by a distortion in the diamond’s crystal lattice, created by intense heat and great pressure from all directions, a phenomenon known as ‘non-isotropic stress,’ after the stone’s natural formation.

The Diavik mine, located approximately 300 km northeast of Yellowknife, is scheduled for closure in 2025.

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