The City of Yellowknife is supporting small and medium-sized businesses through its new Yellowknife Business Services Grant as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted across Canada.

Eligible businesses could being applying for up to $5,000 under the grant as of May 1.

The financial assistance is set to cover costs related to “various services that businesses have incurred or will incur in order to reopen or return to full capacity operations,” according to the City of Yellowknife.

Included in these eligible costs are financial services, which can take the form of financial advisers, accounting services, and lawyers; marketing services, such as marketing programs and strategies, marketing consultants and marketing training; and training services, such as staff training programs and business training programs.

Costs unrelated to business services for economic recovery include rent, employee wages and inventory costs, among others.

Yellowknife businesses that wish to apply must have 20 employees or fewer and be in a “qualifying industry,” such as food and retail services; hospitality and tourism; arts, culture and entertainment; personal care services (including registered medical practitioners); and recreation, according to the City of Yellowknife.

As well, businesses must operate within municipal limits and follow existing bylaws and procedures.

“Yellowknife’s economy depends on the growth and success of its small and medium-sized businesses. Supporting them in their recovery from the pandemic is essential and beneficial for all of us,” said Mayor Rebecca Alty.

Approved businesses must submit receipts for any service expense that helped them re-adapt in a post-Covid-19 economy.

This program will consider any eligible costs/expenses incurred as of Jan, 1, 2022.

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