Managing a sweet-tooth craving is a traditional part of Halloween.

While many of those tasty treats come in the form of chocolate bars or candy corns one Yellowknifer is doing things a little bit differently.

Tania Oosting also known as the Crazy Cookie Lady helps customer bag cookies during the Holiday Bake and Craft sale at the Baker Centre on Saturday. Oosting sold 13 dozen cookies in an hour and a half.
Michael Hugall/ nnsl photo

Tania Oosting is the mind behind the Crazy Cookie Lady, a service that provides customers the opportunity to taste one-of-a-kind custom-made treats for special occasions.

A graphic designer by nature, Oosting got the idea of starting the Crazy Cookie Lady model because of her love for baking. She says making the cookies allows her to show more creativity.

“ I have fun doing it,” said Oosting. “ It’s great when people pick a custom order… they get to pick the theme but I get to do the designing.”

This past weekend Oosting set up a stand at the Holiday Craft and Bake Sale at the Baker Centre, long lines of people formed in front of her table to buy cookies, some customers came away with eight-to-10 cookies at a time.

“I bought some at the last craft sale,” said customer Donna Dooley . “I still have a pumpkin one left from the couple I bought last week the other one my daughter stole.”

Dooley said when the cupcake lady left she was a little disappointed but is relieved now that the community is able to munch on cookies instead.

The Crazy Cookie Lady is equipped with business cards, but although she reiterated she doesn’t believe the hobby could be a sustainable business, she has already developed a loyal customer base.

“They’re so well decorated and the flavour is go great,” said Katie Johnson. “She made a batch for my baby shower and they were just amazing.”

Oosting began decorating cookies last Christmas, began selling her cookies in Easter, and has received positive feedback from the community. She said for Halloween she has been especially busy.

“Last weekend I sold 16 dozen,” said Oosting. “So this week I made another 13 dozen… and I’m a little pooped.”

The Crazy Cookie Lady sells the treats for $40 a dozen and requires a two-week notice for any order.

“For what you can charge for a cookie I’m not making a profit… it is funding my addiction to the cooking supplies,” said Oosting.

Oosting sold over roughly 13 dozen cookies at the bake sale in an hour and a half.

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