Monkey Tree co-owners Jennifer Vornbrock and Steve Dinham appeared in Territorial court on June 16 on behalf of the pub charged under the public health act.

The matter was again adjourned to give the co-owners time to discuss the case with a new lawyer. The matter is now set for July 14 to set a date for trial.

The Monkey Tree was ticketed $5,175 by a Covid enforcement officer in December for non-compliance of public health orders.

Joshua Halpern, a Toronto-based lawyer, has been working with the pair as well as part of a “Fight the Fines” campaign in association with Rebel News. The campaign crowdfunds lawyers for individuals and businesses looking to fight their Covid tickets across the country.

Vornbrock told Judge Bernadette Schmaltz that Halpern will no longer be representing the pub and that a new lawyer, one from the North, will appear in his stead.

Vornbrock said the change was last minute and “all kind of happened on the spot.”

“The decision to change counsel was not ours,” she told Yellowknifer in an email, indicating that the direction came from Rebel News.

“I expect over the next few weeks things will be made more clear.”

Natalie Pressman

Reporting courts and cops and general news, Natalie started with NNSL Media in 2020. Before moving to Yellowknife, Natalie worked as a community radio trainer in Iskatewizaagegan #39 Independent First...

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