The annual Northern Air Transport Association’s (NATA) conference and trade show will be held May 9-11 at the Chateau Nova in Yellowknife.

NATA is seeking exhibitors. Interested parties are urged to get in contact with the organization immediately at

“We have a great conference planned for this year and look forward to seeing you all there, old friends and new,” a NATA representative wrote in a press release. “Don’t miss out as we make up for two years of lost time,” referring to the hiatus due to Covid-19 restrictions.

On May 10 and 11, NATA will host its 45th annual general meeting at the hotel, where representatives will discuss issues including the year’s financial statements, electing directors and voting on proposed amendments to the association’s bylaws.

As per NATA’s mission statement, the organization represents Northern air carriers in the decision-making process affecting transportation in Northern Canada.

The association’s three primary goals are: to promote a safe and effective Northern air transportation system, to advocate for Northern air transport positions and to establish and maintain partnerships within the industry, with governments and with other interested parties.

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