Aislinn Stirling-Crosby and Jordan Crosby have been the co-owners of Overlander Sports since last winter. Stirling-Crosby is the daughter of the previous owners, Bill and Sandra Stirling, and Crosby is their son-in-law and has been the store’s manager for approximately five years.

Stirling-Crosby said that her parents retired after running the business for 40 years.

“I think they had even wanted to retire sooner but we kept having kids so they had to wait,” she said with a laugh. “Our youngest just turned one, so now he’s in child care and they can finally step away for real.”

She said that things have been busy since purchasing the business.

“It’s a bit overwhelming at times but it’s fun,” she said. “It’s nice working towards a business that’s that’s your own.

“We have really great staff so it’s a pleasure to come and work with them every day.

“Jordan and I get to work together too. We’re not just business partners, we’re husband and wife. Just like my parents worked together every day, now we get to work together every day too.”

Crosby agreed that it has been a busy time for both of them, staying on top of the books, accounts, and inventory.

“To bring us to this point today, it’s brought on a lot of challenges with our staffing, inventory, with everything that pertains to running this business,” he said.

Stirling-Crosby said one the challenges to the business are the shipping costs.

“We have to be competitive with online shopping, which is another one of our huge challenges,” she said. “A lot of online places, even the brands we carry, are selling direct to consumer, free shipping, and free returns.

“We have to compete with that so we can’t pass on shipping charges (to the consumer.)”

Despite the difficulties they have been facing, Crosby said that the job has always been a good fit for him.

“I’ve always been a big sports person. Team sports, individual sports, whatever, I love to compete.

“Working in this environment was already up my alley of interests and things that I love to do.

“The only other job I probably would want over this is maybe like an ESPN commentator or something,” he said, which caused his wife to chuckle.

Crosby also said that the work he’s done in the community has been rewarding, having been able to get to know people and see them grow up.

“I’ve seen kids that were eight that are now 18, fitting them with soccer shoes and hockey skates. It does something to you as a person,” he said.

Stirling-Crosby said that she hopes to carry on the legacy of the store as a community hub.

Crosby said an important part of the store’s legacy to him is promoting a healthy lifestyle.

“Healthy living, getting outside, camping, getting on the water, all of these things are going to bring a lot more happiness and a lot more peace in your life,” he said.

Stirling-Crosby has been in Yellowknife most of her life, the exception being her attendance at a university. She had a part time job at Overlander Sports throughout her time in highschool, starting when she was 16, and came back to the business after university.

Crosby has been in Yellowknife for 11 years. He said that Overlander Sports was his first stop after arriving in Yellowknife on a plane, before he even dropped off his luggage.

The couple said that they make 90 to 120 sales in a day and approximate that 150 people visit their store on a daily basis.

They did not wish to disclose how much they bought the business for.

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