Welcome to the FINAL ROUND of this year’s annual Catch of the Week contest! This contest is made possible by our wonderful sponsor, Polar Tech RecreationVote for your favorite photo from previous weeks’ winners to give them a chance to be the grand prize winner!

If you’re having issues in voting, you can also vote directly at: poll.app.do/catch-of-the-week-2020-week-10

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  1. Your Great Grampy Perley ,would be so.proud of you ,MissZ.He was an avid fisherman!! This little Miracle deserves to win.

  2. JONELLE is one of the most thoughtful kind people I know. Se would be a proud winner. Give her a vote!

  3. If Zarya doesn’t win this, it’s a fix. To me it’s no contest and I’m judging it from England, UK.

  4. Miss Z is a wonderful 5yr old.She is our Miracle .We almost lost her a the age of 1yr old.Look at her now ,catching BIG fish.

  5. Zaraya is a true Miracle and a very smart and loving little Girl, She deserves to be chosen,

  6. This Little Miracle deserves to win this.We almost lost her at the age of One yr old and look at her now ,catching big fish!! You go Miss Z