Chris Gillander

Age: 30
Family Status: Single, no children
Time in Yellowknife: Born and raised
Experience relevent to the job: Entrepreneur in financial planning; sat on board of directors for track and field.

Chris Gillander believes his occupation as a financial planner is his competitive advantage in the race for a seat on city council.

“My job involves a lot of watching and reading markets, which I feel will be a huge strength with the current changes occurring in the Yellowknife housing market,” said the first-time candidate. “I could fine tune a lot of the budgeting that city council has to do.”

Gillander, who works for IG Wealth Management, said he’d be a quick study on policy matters.

“I’ve always been interested in politics,” he said. “It just seemed time to make that transition to help out.”

A born and bred Yellowknifer, Gillander said after taking advantage of all the city had to offer him growing up, he wants to give back to the community, which is why he’s making a council bid.

“This city is a part of me and I’ve seen the town through both good and bad times,” he said in a Facebook message. “It’s given me an understanding of what works for Yellowknife and what doesn’t. Yellowknife cannot be run the same way a big city would be.”

Gillander supports the proposed hotel levy and he wants to partner with the territorial government on a new visitors’ centre.

He also believes territorial access to information laws should apply to the municipality, and that the city should improve the process for making complaints against the Municipal Enforcement Division.

At 30, Gillander is the youngest candidate on the ballot.

He said now is an opportune time to enter municipal politics.

“I’m young and I don’t have a family yet and I have the time to be doing it,” he said. “I figure now’s the time to be giving back before I get too busy.”