Edwin Castillo

Age: 58
Family Status: Father of two kids
Time in Yellowknife: 50 years
Experience relevent to the job: Manager of audit investigations with GNWT, director of various boards.

As a 50year resident of the City of Yellowknife, Edwin Castillo has spent more time in Yellowknife than almost every other candidate.

Now, Castillo is hoping to use his knowledge of the capital to shape the its direction as he bids for a spot on council this fall.

I’m really one of the longestliving Yellowknifers among the candidates. Although I wasn’t born here, I was raised here, I’ve got the experience and I pretty well grew up in the process,” said Castillo.

A senior advisor with the Government of the Northwest Territories’ Office of the Comptroller General, Castillo has served on a number of boards on the city including those for Yellowknife Catholic Schools and NWT and Nunavut Lotteries.

Castillo previously ran in the 2015 territorial election in the Yellowknife North riding and is now hoping to bring the same priorities he touted in that election to the municipal race.

Again in terms of my platform: fairness, service and community. You’ve gotta be fair to everyone and respect everybody, you’ve gotta provide the adequate services and you gotta do it in a community environment,” said Castillo

Castillo says that moving forward he supports the City of Yellowknife’s 10Year Plan to End Homelessness but believes the city needs to look at that in a partnership with its 50-Year Vision plan, released in 2009. He would also like to see the city prepare for a future beyond the diamond mines by “diversifying the economy and mitigating risks.”