John Dalton

Age: N/A
Family Status: Married with three kids and seven grandkids
Time in Yellowknife: 46 years
Experience relevent to the job: Previously on city council, Yellowknife Catholic school board, on NACC board and Stanton Territorial Hospital board.

A former city councillor says he will bring a level of leadership to city council that has been missing.


John Dalton is currently a trustee with the Yellowknife Catholic school board and previously sat on city council “many years ago.” He says that council now has a lack of leadership and no vision for the city of Yellowknife.


“I want to bring back to council a sense of responsibility and integrity. I think council has lost a great deal of respect in this community for lack of priorities and lack of following through on issues so it all starts with council and working as a unit,” said Dalton.


Dalton said Yellowknife needs to decide what direction the city wants to go to in the future. He said once priorities are established the city can work to fix other problems it faces.


“Do we want to be a tourist site? Do we want to be industrial?” asked Dalton. “We need economics but where’s our priority, where’s our vision? If we can establish that even in broad terms, then we can focus and put in money and resources and time instead of asking the same question 10 times over.”


The problems that Dalton wants to focus on once leadership is established is to convince the territorial government to burden more of the costs associated with Yellowknife’s homeless population.

He said issues with the Municipal Enforcement Division and misconduct allegations against its manager, Doug Gillard, should never have been allowed to occur. Dalton said he would like to ensure there are policies in place to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.