Mark Bogan

Age: 58
Family Status: Single, two children
Time in Yellowknife: 36 years
Experience relevent to the job: Community outreach co-ordinator and at the Safe Harbour Day Shelter for the NWT Disabilities Council

Mark Bogan says he has grown out of his radical phase.

The second-time candidate for city council is best known for flamboyant stunts in the name of fathers’ rights – such as in 2005, when he unleashed a swarm of live crickets outside the offices of territorial Supreme Court justices.

“I completely advocate for a presumption of equal shared parenting,” said Bogan, but those “fun days” of civil disobedience are over.

Today, Bogan wants to improve services for children, families, and people experiencing homelessness, and to make Yellowknife more accessible.

One idea he has is to build an indoor mini-put green and arcade near the Fieldhouse.

Mini-put is a “a fun thing for families to do, and we have long winters,” said Bogan.

Another is to support businesses that put ramps up to their front doors.

A healthy community, said Bogan, is one with lots of recreational activities for families and one that discourages substance use.

He believes that children should be taught about the negative impacts of alcohol and drugs from a young age, and that the city can play a role in that education.

“We have high rates of consumption here, which leads to the high rates of crime,” said Bogan.

“It’s shocking to hear we have the highest crime rates in the city and that stuff needs to be addressed.”

Bogan has made two unsuccessful bids for a seat in the legislative assembly and received the least votes (664) in the 2015 municipal election for council.