Robin Williams

Robin Williams is a first time candidate for city council. Dylan Short/NNSL photo
Age: 38
Family Status: Married, father of two young children.
Time in Yellowknife: Lived in Yellowknife from birth to age six, returned to the city after college.
Experience relevent to the job: Involved in Yellowknife's downtown business community for more than 17 years; active participant, contributor and supporter of Yellowknife's arts community.

Robin Williams believes that as a “business person, land owner and family man,” he understands the issues facing the majority of Yellowknifers.

“With a long history of providing service to the people and businesses of Yellowknife, I believe I will represent a balanced perspective on council,” said Williams.

In addition to co-managing Roy’s Audio Video, Williams is the vice-president of community theatre company Ptarmigan Ptheatrics.

He said the idea of running for a seat on council crystallized after the recent birth of his second child.

“Your priorities tend to change and you start to think about community and you start to think about giving back in a bigger way,” he said.

“A council job spoke to some of those needs so I decided to go for it.”

If elected, said Williams, he will be a champion for the tourism sector and throw his weight behind investments in tourism infrastructure.

“Northern tourism is something that’s exploding on the world stage and it’s Yellowknife’s opportunity to get our foot in the door,” he said.

Williams wants to work with the territorial government to secure a permanent home for the Yellowknife visitors centre, and revise business licensing rules to make it easier for residents to enter the short-term rental market.

A self-described avid outdoors person, Williams would also support initiatives that enhance the city’s parks and trail system.

Williams isn’t shy about possibly becoming a public figure in town.

“I’ve always kind of been in the public eye,” he said.

“I don’t think it’ll be that surprising to Yellowknifers that my name is in the running for city council.”