Councillor Candidates

Chris Gillander

“This city is a part of me and I’ve seen the town through both good and bad times. It’s given me an understanding of what works for Yellowknife and what doesn’t. Yellowknife cannot be run the same way a big city would be.”

Cynthia Mufandaedza

“Being a business owner in town, I understand issues that maybe some candidates might not understand on a first-hand basis.”

Dane Mason

“Looking at the last council, I think one of the issues that posed a few challenges for them was not having anyone with a particular expertise in policy and public administration.”

Edwin Castillo

“Again in terms of my platform: fairness, service and community. You’ve gotta be fair to everyone and respect everybody, you’ve gotta provide the adequate services and you gotta do it in a community environment.”

John Dalton

“I want to bring back to council a sense of responsibility and integrity. I think council has lost a great deal of respect in this community for lack of priorities and lack of following through on issues so it all starts with council and working as a unit.”

Josh Campbell

“It’s time to hit the reset button on City Hall and have some people who are invested instead of these career politicians.”

Julian Morse

“There’s a wider vision to consider when we look at different (infrastructure) projects in the city and that’s something I want to put a better lens on.”

Mark Bogan

“It’s shocking to hear we have the highest crime rates in the city and that stuff needs to be addressed.”

Niels Konge

“There’s certainly some things that you’re willing to negotiate on … and there’s other things where even if you’re the only guy, it’s important to stand your ground.”

Robin Williams

“Northern tourism is something that’s exploding on the world stage and it’s Yellowknife’s opportunity to get our foot in the door.”

Rommel Silverio

“I’m a really relaxed person … I’m quiet, I talk when I need to talk, but I’m always bringing the immigrant idea because I’m a first-generation immigrant.”

Shauna Morgan

“There’s no use in focusing on just one thing because as a councillor, you have to look at a huge range of issues and be open-minded. It’s more about the kind of person you’re electing and how they make decisions and how they’re going to approach any problem that comes along.”

Stacie Smith

“It’s been years since we’ve had an Indigenous person on council so it would be nice to have that kind of background just to input on some of the social issues that occur on a daily basis downtown.”

Steve Payne

“Are we always going to have zero tax increases? No. We adjust our spending.”

Terry Testart

“I can provide guidance to new councillors who maybe don’t understand processes and understand the programs. I think I understand Yellowknife to make common sense decisions.”

William Gomes

“I would like to give something back to the city, making sure that the city gets something out of my knowledge and my skills.”