GUEST COMMENT: Yellowknife deserves MLAs that hold government accountable

NNSL- November 20, 2018

Guest comment by Kevin O’Reilly, MLA for Frame Lake I would like to thank Gary Vivian for his guest commentary on my track record as an MLA and the Yellowknifer for an opportunity to respond. Let’s be clear, I support responsible mining as a part of our economy. Government’s role is to ensure there is…

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One response to “GUEST COMMENT: Yellowknife deserves MLAs that hold government accountable”

  1. O’Reilly might think he works in the best interest of residents of the NWT, but when any MLA focuses so much attention on one message from one report while promoting the author as an ‘expert’, who ultimately stands to gain? It is fine that O’Reilly might want to discuss mining revenues but he must be aware that the mineral governance benchmarking report comes with a disclaimer from the author stating the views are his own, he did not have time to fact check everything and he really takes no responsibility for potentially erroneous material in the report. Readers of the report are responsible for their own due diligence. And no one need be an expert to wonder…would O’Reilly live or work in a jurisdiction where the government captured 50-80% of his income through taxes?