Jackie Jacobson has returned.

“It was tough campaign. It was a tough month for all of us,” he said, explaining half the candidates were all related. “(All the candidates) wanted what’s best for the people. We’re going to do good things now.”

“We’re going to fix the housing issue for Nunakput. We’re going to do the shore line erosion for Tuk. My plan is to get Ulukhaktok a long term facility for our elders that are stuck in Inuvik. I’m going to get that fixed,” Jacobson said, adding he also planned to address education and the fuel issues plaguing the constituency over the past two years.

Jacobson won the six-person race in Nunakput with 231 votes, to incumbent Herbert Nakimayak’s 143.Annie Steen, who held the lead out of the gate with one vote to the zero for the rest of the field, finished in third with 127.

Last time, Jacobson, who’s served as a regular MLA and in cabinet, lost by a thin margin of four votes. He said his journey back has been “humbling.” When he lost last time, he said the mayor and deputy mayor of Tuktoyuktok encouraged him to put his name forward.

“It’s going to be sad leaving the hamlet, … but it’s going to be more exciting to help so many people. Not only in Nunakput, but in all of the Northwest Territories.”

Craig Gilbert

Craig is an award-winning journalist who has worked in Ontario, the Northwest Territories, British Columbia and Alberta. He should be at least six feet away from you at all times.

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