(PUBLISHER’S NOTE: All the MLA candidates were asked to comment on the best way forward for the sobering centre in Yellowknife. Go here to see the full question and context.)
I would, as the MLA from Thebacha, support any initiative that helps reduce or stop the ravages of alcohol and drugs and how they impact our society so terribly. As part of that I would welcome any initiative by any group – First Nation or any other – that could offer a potential solution.
I know the Salt River First Nation in Thebacha set up a Men’s Shelter and that is part of such a solution.
In particular I think it is barbaric that we need to have women’s shelters to provide safe haven against abusive partners, and too often alcohol is at the base of those problems.
I would happily support any initiative that seeks and implements solutions.

Bruce Valpy

Bruce Valpy is former Publisher/CEO of NNSL Media. He can be reached at 1-867-445-2040

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