On Feb. 15 of last year, Pauline LaFleur was the first person to win a chance to find the Ace of Spades in the Chase the Ace lottery presented by Branch 250 of the Royal Canadian Legion. A new Chase the Ace licence has now been awarded to the Hay River Golf Club.
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The Hay River Golf Club has won the right to present the next Chase the Ace lottery in the community.

The Town of Hay River made that announcement at the Feb. 24 meeting of council.

“We received two applications for the next Chase the Ace lottery,” said Judy Goucher, the senior administrative officer with the town. “One of the submissions did not meet the minimum qualifications to be considered. The other one did, and scored well. So the Chase the Ace lottery will be issued to the Hay River Golf Course.”

The first Chase the Ace in the community was held in 2016 by the Hay River Curling Club.

That was followed by two from the Host Society of the 2018 South Slave Arctic Winter Games, and then by Branch 250 of the Royal Canadian Legion.

The lottery involves the sale of tickets to determine who wins the right to draw to find the aces of spades from a deck of cards, either in a box or spread out face down on a table.

Each week, half of the money from tickets sold goes to the fundraising organization, 20 per cent to the weekly winner, and 30 per cent to the jackpot – an accumulating total that goes to whoever eventually draws the ace of spade.

The Town of Hay River received some of the profits from the most recent Chase the Ace when the Legion donated $27,000 towards the construction of a Fisherman’s Wharf pavilion.

The $27,000 donation was just over half of the proceeds from the Legion’s Chase the Ace lottery, which concluded on Oct. 11.


Paul Bickford

Paul Bickford is the reporter for Hay River Hub.

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