Even though organized sports have stopped in the NWT because of the Covid-19 crisis, it doesn’t mean that teammates can’t share some fun.

Christy Schwartz, secretary of Hay River Hazard Women’s Hockey, introduced the team to a fun video challenge called Hazard’s Pass the Toilet Paper.
photo courtesy of Christy Schwartz

The players with Hay River Hazard Women’s Hockey joined together – via the internet from their own homes – to contribute segments to a video.

“I just called it the Hazard’s Pass the Toilet Paper,” said Christy Schwartz, team secretary.

Basically, more than 20 players were filmed bouncing a roll of toilet paper like a puck on their hockey sticks before appearing to pass it on to the next player, who would then do the same thing in another house or outdoors.

“I actually saw a video on Facebook of a bunch of people doing it,” said Schwartz.

“I thought it was pretty good, especially since it was right at the start of the toilet paper crisis or hoarding, whatever you want to call it,” she added. “So kind of when all that came into the public eye this video popped up on my feed. We always share fun things like that to our private hockey page. So I put it on there and said, ‘Does anybody want to do this?'”

Schwartz said some players were hesitant at first, before one of them suggested they do the activity and challenge other women’s hockey teams in the NWT to do the same.

“Everybody kind of did it in their own time and sent it to me as they finished them up,” she said. “And I pieced it together with iMovie, and we had a video.”

Schwartz noted the team was supposed to have one more tournament in Yellowknife until the Covid-19 crisis hit.

“We have a pretty tight club and we have a lot of fun together, and for me it was sad the season ended kind of abruptly,” she said, adding that the Hazard’s Pass the Toilet Paper was a way to connect with everybody.

The Hazard challenged three other women’s hockey teams in the NWT to also take on the challenge.

“I haven’t heard from Fort Simpson or Yellowknife,” said Schwartz. “But the Fort Smith ladies compiled their video and sent it to us…. so that was pretty awesome.”

Along with the video of the Hazard’s Pass the Toilet Paper, Schwartz also created and posted a blooper reel of the players trying to perform the challenge.

Paul Bickford

Paul Bickford is the reporter for Hay River Hub.

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