Edmonton has a somewhat curious association with Canada’s North.

It sometimes seems the Alberta capital feels it is part of the North.

Probably the best known example of that is the now-former name of the city’s team in the Canadian Football League.

The team just recently dropped the name Eskimos for obvious reasons (and that’s the last time you will see that word in this editorial).

There was really no defence to justify keeping the name, and there probably has been no defence for many years.

But the name of the CFL club was not the only Northern-themed name adopted in Edmonton.

For many years, the city celebrated an annual festival called Klondike Days. Even after the name was changed, it sort of returned later at least in spirit and the festival is now known as K-Days. Edmonton is not fooling anyone, because everyone knows what the ‘K’ represents.

Edmonton obviously has a problem with coming up with names for its sports teams and festivals, and often looks to the North for inspiration.

So we will freely provide some of that Northern inspiration and suggest a new name for its CFL club.

We feel we have some right to do so, because – as we have noted before – Edmonton is our city in southern Canada. The city is vital to Hay River and the Northwest Territories for health, education, transportation, many business services and much more.

So it is only right to help out Edmonton if we can, considering all it does for us.

Our first thought for a new name for Edmonton’s CFL team was Energy. The Edmonton Energy has a nice ring to it and it would maintain the club’s famed EE symbol.

However, a quick Google search discovered there once was a basketball team called the Edmonton Energy that played from 2009-2012 in the International Basketball League, which itself folded in 2014.

Who knew?

We’re not sure if that means the name Edmonton Energy is no longer available, but we believe that would be a good choice for the football team. The players could then be called Energetics.

Another possibility would be the name Edmonton Belairs. It sounds sort of nice, and it was actually the objections of a major sponsor – the insurance company Belairdirect – that caused the CFL team to drop its former name. The company threatened to withdraw its sponsorship if the team name wasn’t changed. After such a power play by a sponsor, it only seems appropriate to name the team after said company as a tribute, and to keep it happy.

Naming a team for corporate promotion is not unheard of in professional sports. There’s a team in Major League Soccer called the New York Red Bulls.

But after due consideration we think we have a perfect name for Edmonton’s CFL team – The Edmonton Albertans.

Again, such a somewhat obvious name is not unheard of in professional sports. For example, there are the Montreal Canadiens in the NHL and the Houston Texans in the National Football League.

And there’s one added benefit to the name Edmonton Albertans. It will drive Calgary crazy.

You’re welcome, Edmonton.

Paul Bickford

Paul Bickford is the reporter for Hay River Hub.

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  1. I wondered if the name “eagles” has been used yet as in my suggestion: “Edmonton Eagles” to replace Edmonton Eskimos?

  2. Hello, my name is Mark Cey From Saskatoon, SK. I think Edmonton Evolve, or Edmonton Evolution would be very fitting. Given that we are evolving. Couple that with the symbol of evolution would be fitting.

  3. How about Edmonton Green & Gold, no need to change the colors and the fight song would only need minor tweaking.