The popular Vendors Market will be back once again at K’amba Carnival.

The market is set for March 7 & 8, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day at the Chief Lamalice Complex.

“You’ll find a little bit of everything there,” said Dolly Martel, the co-ordin

Kathy Mouse demonstrates how to make traditional crafts during the vendors’ market at the 2017 K’amba Carnival.
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ator of the market.

“There are so many talented ladies and guys on the reserve and in the town of Hay River and surrounding areas, like Fort Res, Fort Providence, Kakisa and places like that. Even from the South,” said Martel, a member of K’atlodeeche First Nation living in Yellowknife. “We have people as far away as Edmonton and B.C. coming just to show their talent and their art.”

She also noted the market attracts a lot of people to the carnival, including tourists.

“Last year, I met some people from the States that came and checked out the market,” she recalled. “So it was really exciting last year.”

That was the first time she organized the market, when there was a large number of vendors.

“We got more than we expected last year, but we made room and we made it work,” said Martel. “Everyone did great. I had no complaints about people not selling anything.”

By Feb. 25, she had 15 artists lined up for this year’s market.

“We’re hoping to get more and have maybe over 20 if we can fit them all in,” she said. “We’ll make room.”

Each table will cost $15 per day to rent.

“There’ll be traditional crafts,” Martel said. “There’ll probably be a lot of crocheted items like blankets and baby clothes and things like that. There’s going to be a lot of baked goods, bannock, breads, pastries. You can find just about anything there.”

Some of the artists expected at the market are Sarah Gargan, Georgina Fabian, Elsie Canadian, Elizabeth Mouse, Suzanne Hannah, Emily McLean of Fort Resolution and Crystal Behn of Fort Nelson, B.C.

“There are so many artists that I hope show up,” said Martel.

She will also be displaying some of her own creations – like clothing, mukluks and moccasins – under the name Dolly’s Dene Designs.

“I do just about everything,” she said. “So there’s going to be granny stoles and moccasins. I only work with traditional moosehide, so you’ll see a lot of cardholders and purses and things like that.”

Martel is also interested in what other artists have created.

“I like supporting other artists, as well,” she said. “So you’ll find me running around buying stuff off other people. It’s like a chance to see everybody’s work, and to support your local artists, too, and to support artists from other communities.”

Paul Bickford

Paul Bickford is the reporter for Hay River Hub.

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