40 years ago

Territorial Council gave the third reading to amendments to the Marriage and Labor Standards ordinances during the opening days of the 66th session.

The former ensured the validity of marriage ceremonies in cases where both partners believed the person performing the ceremony was licensed, while the latter raised the minimum wage in the NWT.

The minimum wage would go up from $3.00 an hour to $3.50 for employees 17 years old or older, and from $2.50 to $3.00 an hour for workers under the age of 17. The increase was to take effect

January 1,1979.


30 years ago

Members of the new Town Council took their oath of office before Judge Robert Halifax. There were just two new faces, Councillors tom Beaulieu and Rod Tordoff; others such as Councillors W.R. ‘Red’ McBryan and Ray Young returned to add more years of service to already impressive numbers, while others started their second or third terms – Councillors Georgina Rolt, John Finley, Dale Robertson and Jack Rowe. The new council was led by Mayor Walter Kudelik, who was starting his second term as Mayor of Hay River, and also served six years as Councillor.


20 years ago

An ultralight plane made a precautionary landing by using the Mackenzie Highway as a landing strip about 5 kilometres past the Hay River Golf Course.

The pilot, Kyle Reid, said he’d had some fuel starvation problems in the morning and he didn’t want to risk having the plane’s engine dry out before he made it to the airport so he landed the plane on the road before pulling it to the side.

He said there had been no traffic on the road at the time he landed, “It’s an ultralight so it can land pretty much anywhere.”


10 years ago

Tamerlane Ventures, the project behind the Pine Point project south of Hay River was facing tough times due to the United States’ failing financial sector.

That year the Washington based company issued a feasibility study on Pine Point, but the share price had dropped substantially.

A year previous the company’s share price stood at $1.50. It’s share price this week of 2008 was $0.11.

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