40 years ago

A cow moose was struck by a bus on the Pine Point highway, police said the bus that was owned by Cominco Mines and was operated by Evelyn Nash was transporting Pine Point School volleyball players home from an afternoon exhibition match with the Hay River team.

The moose ran onto the highway in front of the bus and Ms. Nash was unable to stop in time.

The animal was killed and damage to the bus was extensive, luckily there were no injuries to any of the occupants.

The accident occurred at about Mile 16, and another bus was dispatched to continue the journey.


30 years ago

Hay River council urged then Mayor Mary King to continue to press getting a response either from the GNWT or the feds on the matter of a gravel bar and a pile of debris that was piling up in the East Channel.

Councillors McBryan and Robertson both said that the gravel and debris were going to cause ice trouble in the spring.

The Mayor informed council that one suggestion she had received from a Department of Public Works person in Edmonton was the ice bridges be used that winter and that the debris could be taken out with scoop and shovel equipment. Council continued to press for a resolution to the situation.


20 years ago

Ross Ullathorne presented a poppy to then Hay River President Julien Lefebvre to officially launch the Royal Canadian Legion Poppy Campaign in Hay River.

Ullathorne was an honorary vice-president of the Alberta-Northwest Territories Command, making him the highest ranking member in the NWT. To Lefebvre, wearing a poppy was, “basically to remember fallen comrades and a reminder of what happened in the past.”


10 years ago

The council seat vacated by Diana Ehman following her resignation would remain empty for the remainder of council’s term reported Hay River Mayor Marc Miltenberger.

With a year left on that council’s mandate, Miltenberger said he agreed with the decision of council to leave the seat empty.

It was the decision of council that they work together going forward.

Mayor Miltenberger said, “I thjink we have a good working group to make it happen and get our next budget through. We’re on the last year of our term so we have our work cut out for us.”

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