40 years ago

Archdeacon Turq. McCollum greeted members of the Hay River Volunteer Fire Brigade following Thanksgiving services on Sunday morning. A large number of firemen turned out to join in the special service as part of Fire Prevention Week.


30 years ago

Woodland Manor had its official sod-turning ceremony and with representation from the Federal Government of Canada’s Mortgage and Housing Corporation. Chairman of the Board for Woodland Manor, Audrey Covery and then Mayor Mary King attended with MP Dave Nickerson. Also in attendance was J. Soderberg, CMHC Yellowknife, MLA John Pollard, the architect and contractor and H.H. Williams Memorial Hospital officials. Hospital Administrator Jim Tyler emceed the brief ceremony, thanking Social Services and the Town of Hay River for their continued support over the years as the dream had come true. The new building, for which footings had already been poured would be a multi-level senior care facility with 16 beds available.


20 years ago

Hay River Town Council came out squarely against any changes to the Northwest Territories electoral boundaries map or any increase to the number of MLAs.

Then deputy mayor Dean McMeekin said the council hosted a public meeting and the feeling expressed at the time was that no change was needed or wanted.

The biggest single concern seemed to be cost, McMeekin told council that it costs approximately $300,000 for each additional MLA, and it was agreed the money could be better spent.

Coun. Bruce Sutherland pointed out that “in this time of educational and health care cut backs, to add additional MLAs would be ludicrous.”

The Northwest Territories at the time had an average of one member of the Legislative Assembly for every 2,500 residents; the highest rate of representation in the country.


10 years ago

The department of transportation released a report on NWT traffic collisions in 2007. Collisions increased in the territory when compared with 2006, and there were a higher number of collisions than the 10 year average.

Five people lost their lives in traffic collisions in 2007 compared with the 10 year average of three fatalities per year. Two of the five fatalities were linked to alcohol.

The report found that most of the collisions were preventable. More than half of the reported collisions resulting in injury were due to speeding or losing control of the vehicle.

Then Transportation Minister Michael McLeod said he was concerned by those numbers and went on to say, “We have to stop thinking of these as accidents and call them what they are –  a needless collision that in almost every instance could have been prevented.”

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