40 years ago

The Pine Point cadets conducted a successful “Car Bash” to raise funds for their local Cadet activities. In the course of the day many Pine Pointers responded to the invitation to vent their frustrations by bashing a Viva compact car with a sledge hammer for $1 a crack. There was a $5 refund rewarded to the basher that struck either of two pre-selected points on the car, or who could break through the metal.

Winners were Brade Elson, Larry Novak and Mike Huk.

The Cadets Corp. were grateful for those who supported the activity.

Capt. John Beckwith, CO of the Cadet Corp. winds up a big bash.


30 years ago

An increase to the Senior Citizens’ supplementary benefit program had been announced by then Minister of Social Services Jeannie Marie-Jewell.

The increase would hike the monthly payment to senior citizens from $85 to $100, retroactive to April 1, 1988. the increase was to be approved by the NWT Legislative Assembly fall session.

Jewell told members the 18 per cent increase would help Northern seniors cope with the rising cost of living since the previous adjustment in March of 1985.


20 years ago

Two members of the Hay River Coast Guard were in Nova Scotia to aid in the wreckage recovery of Swissair Flight 111. The MD-11 crashed Sept. 2 killing all of its 229 passengers.

Al Molenkamp and Ken Cooper, pollution equipment maintainers of Hay River’s Rescue, Safety and Environmental Response filled a one week rotation at Peggy’s Cover as part of the flight’s recovery efforts.

The two men were part of a 29 boat crew of the Canadian Coast Guard assembled in Halifax.

One of Molenkamp’s and Cooper’s duties was to maintain and refuel the groups boats, which were mostly small whalers and inflatables.

Security in the area was also a task for Molenkamp and Cooper. They enforced the exclusion zone and patrolled the zone to ensure nobody was entering.

Members of the Canadian Coast Guard from across the country had been coming out to help with the efforts.

The Swissair jet was enroute from New York to Geneva. Recovery of the wreckage was done with the use of a crane and underwater divers.


10 years ago

Hay River’s town council had been left with another vacancy following the abrupt resignation of councilor Diana Ehman.

Ehman, the former mayor of Hay River resigned her position effective Oct. 1, citing personal reasons.

In December’s election, Ehman had received the second highest number of votes, behind only incumbent Kevin Wallington.

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