A change for the New Year’s Eve community fireworks display in Hay River appears to have been a success.

On Dec. 31, the Town of Hay River presented only one show at 8 p.m., without another one at midnight for the actual arrival of the new year.

In recent years, there have been two shows – one at 8 p.m. and the other at midnight.

“From all indications that I’ve received, things seemed to have went really well,” said Glenn Smith, the assistant senior administrative officer with the town.

People took to Facebook afterwards to express overwhelmingly positive comments, such as “absolutely awesome,” “loved it,” and “an amazingly bright and cheerful display.”

On New Year’s Eve, the Town of Hay River held its only fireworks display at 8 p.m.
Paul Bickford/NNSL photo

Smith, who was not actually at the show himself, said he has been told that the attendance was quite high for the 8 p.m. event.

“In general, it seemed to be one of our busier shows in recent memory,” he said, noting that the weather was also favourable.

Smith added that the one fireworks display on New Year’s Eve was also more convenient for the town’s firefighters, who present the show.

“It worked well for them,” he said, noting they were able to focus their efforts into one show.

Smith said no decisions have been made on the timing of the fireworks show for next New Year’s Eve.

“We’ll probably gather a bit more input before making a decision,” he said. “But from what I’m hearing so far, we’ll probably seriously take a look at doing another 8 p.m. early show like that.”

One of the goals for the change was to offer a bigger fireworks display by combining the two shows.

The fireworks and a bonfire – known as the Festival at the Forks – took place near the main ice crossing to the Hay River Reserve.

Paul Bickford

Paul Bickford is the reporter for Hay River Hub.

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