The Town of Hay River has been told to do door-to-door consultations prior to applying for a permit to conduct geotechnical testing on land targeted for the proposed Fraser Place development.

Mike Auge, the town’s director of public works, told the Feb. 17 meeting of town council that the door-to-door consultations with residents in the area have been requested by the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board before it will accept an application for a permit to do the testing.

Deputy Mayor Robert Bouchard is concerned that the Town of Hay River is being required to conduct door-to-door consultations on geotechnical testing for the proposed Fraser Place land development.
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“So we’re looking at another two weeks for that before the application goes in, and then a four-to-six-week process before the application is approved after that,” Auge said.

The board’s requirement did not go over well with town council.

Deputy Mayor Robert Bouchard said the town is testing property within municipal boundaries and that is not a major issue.

“It’s not even rational,” Bouchard said of the requirement from the Mackenzie Valley Land and Water Board.

“Now we have a whole bunch of environmental hoops to jump through just to go test the ground there, to do anything,” he added. “How do they have control within the municipal boundaries of Hay River?”

Coun. Brian Willows asked Auge if the new requirement for neighbourhood consultations is the result of third-party intervention or the way things are now done.

Auge replied that he doesn’t believe it’s the result of any third-party intervention, adding, “I think it’s just the way the water boards are going these days with requiring more and more engagement on every application that we’re putting in.”

Paul Bickford

Paul Bickford is the reporter for Hay River Hub.

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