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CPHO confirms two cases of COVID-19 in Fort Smith

Dr. Kami Kandola, Chief Public Health Officer of the NWT, warns travellers to make sure they inform themselves about the COVID-19 situation at their destination before they go.

Two cases of COVID-19 were identified in Fort Smith, both related to domestic travel outside the territory, a news release from the Office of the Chief Public Health Office (OCPHO) advised Tuesday. 

As both individuals are part of the same household and are self-isolating appropriately, Chief Public Health Officer (CPHO) Dr. Kami Kandola said that no risk to the public has been identified. 

No other contacts have been identified and the individuals are noted to be doing well. 

Kandola advised against non-essential travel outside the territory since transmission rates across Canada and the globe are rising. 

“There are currently significant outbreaks in areas where NWT residents would routinely travel in different times,” she stated. “If you travel, awareness is key.” 

Kandola advised travellers to know the COVID-19 situation of their destination to make informed health and safety decision. 

She reminds residents to practicing proper healthy habits to “stop COVID-19 in its tracks.” 

Residents should continue maintain six feet from others, wear a mask when in public or when distancing is not possible, wash hands often, properly self-isolate when approprite and stay home if feeling unwell, “even if it’s just a sniffle,” she said. 

Residents should contact local health centre or public health unit to arrange COVID-19 testing at the first sign of any illness, she advised.