Shirley Elias, Darryl Cockney-Goose and Louie Goose closed the night by inviting Anibe Abba, AJ Abba and Donald Abba back on stage for an encore of ‘Oh Holy Night.’ (Eric Bowling/NNSL Media)

East Three School hosted the annual Christmas Coffeehouse Dec. 18, an open stage for the community to showcase their talents, both festive and otherwise.

Anna Pingo sings ‘Let there be peace on Earth.’ (Eric Bowling/NNSL Media)
Malakai Keegan-Drennan plays Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer to show off his ivory chops. (Eric Bowling/NNSL Media)

From choral chants to cello recitals, there was something for everyone. Here’s a highlight of the evening, which helped raise funds for the a planned trip to Europe next June.

Steve Dagar snaps his fingers and gets into the groove of Blue Christmas to the cheers of the crowd. (Eric Bowling/NNSL Media)
Lois and Kimmy Larkin sung a duet after a brief intermission. (Eric Bowling/NNSL Media)
East Three Elementary school choir sings Jingle Bells in Inuvialuktun. Back row, L-R: Malakai Keegan-Drennan, Hailey Harrison, Kendra Bulldog and Cresyde Adams. Front row, L-R: River Keegan Drennan, Jay Bretana and Jolie Wolki. (Eric Bowling / NNSL Media)
Trenyce Voudrach played a number of haunting country classics to change up the pace for the crowd. (Eric Bowling/NNSL Media)
Anibe Abba, AJ Abba and Donald Abba sing a medley of a number of holiday classics. (Eric Bowling/NNSL Media)
John Dillon shows off his guitar skills with his first-ever performance, playing Folsom Prison Blues for the occasion. Eric Bowling/NNSL Media



Ryley Blake, Abe Drennan and Brad Wade formed a guitar trio to perform a number of holiday classics. (Eric Bowling/NNSL Media)
Daniel Larkin plays piano for his sister, Kimmy, as she plays the cello. (Eric Bowling/NNSL Media)
Kimmy Larkin smiles at her brother Daniel as they perfor a duet for the crowd. (Eric Bowling/NNSL Media)

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