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Funding for Inuvik pool repairs comes through from Ottawa

Ottawa has approved funding for repairs to Inuvik's pool. SAO Grant Hood says it will be at least late summer or fall before work can begin. NNSL file photo

Funding for the Inuvik Midnight Sun Complex pool has been approved by Ottawa.

Town councillors voted unanimously in favour of the Investing In Canada Infrastructure program Contribution agreement April 28.

"We have receive funding we need to move forward with the pool," announced Mayor Natasha Kulikoski during council's meeting.

Calling it a happy day, senior administrative officer Grant Hood said time would tell how long it would take to get the pool fixed. He added the town has been meeting with the engineering firm and preparations for the work were underway.

However, the town was still sourcing a few key materials which may hold work up a bit.

"There is some issue with supplies," he said. "The factory that does a lot of the PVC pallets in Texas, with the power outage, are having to re-pipe their whole factory. Without the power, all the liquid basically solidified.

"But we're just happy we can move forward and make some concrete decisions."

Hood said the town was looking at late summer to fall before work could begin, due to complications from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Inuvik's pool has been shut down since the pandemic was declared in 2020. Following the shut down, a leak was discovered and the town decided to use the pause to fix the leak and other long-term issues.

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