Families jigged away New Year’s Eve at the old time dance, adults partied at the ice video dance party for the sunrise festival, and now youth will get their own exclusive event in the Midnight Sun Complex.

Jayden and Isaiah Sharpe, who perform with the monikers DJ Darth Jayden and DJ Afro Boy, respectively, are hosting “Heat It Up,” a dance party for youth ages 16 and under Saturday, Jan. 27.

Isaiah and Jayden Sharpe are DJ Afro Boy and DJ Darth Jayden, respectively. The two are hosting a dance party at the Midnight Sun Complex for youth 16 and under.
Stewart Burnett/NNSL photo

“We’re going to have a candy bar there, lots of beach balls and inflatable palm trees,” said Jayden, 10.

“Me and my brother really like to dance and we love music.”

Isaiah, eight, is the bigger partier, while Jayden is more focused on his DJing. Naturally, the two are combining to put on a DJ party.

They take after their father, Chris Sharpe, who has a long history with event hosting.

“We started (DJing) because it looked really neat,” said Isaiah.

The two are planning to play reggae, hip-hip and R&B at the event.

“I find it amazing,” said Chris about his sons’ interest in DJing. He used to bring his children to events he was running.

“They would jump on some of the equipment,” said Chris. “I’m really happy that they stay in school, finish all that, but doing a little something on the side is great for them.”

Jayden said he’s been advertising it among friends at school and hopes 100 or more people show up.

Isaiah said he’s nervous but excited for it.

“If it goes out really good, we’ll probably do another one,” he said.

The party requires ticket purchase and will have five parent monitors on-site. Parent chaperones will be allowed in for free. Text 1-204-290-9416 for more information.

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