Inuvialuit Regional Corporation beneficiaries, as well as other residents of and visitors to the Beaufort Delta are being reminded to not hunt or harvest the lone reindeer herd of the region.

Three reindeer head off in the distance. The Inuvialuit Regional Corporation is reminding beneficiaries and other residents of the Delta that hunting the privately-owned herd is illegal and counterproductive to long-term sustainability.
Photo courtesy Inuvialuit Regional Corporation

A Jan. 22 press release states that the herd is privately owned and harvesting it is illegal.

“While harvesting is a fundamental way of life for us, I remind all community members to refrain from harvesting from this private herd,” said IRC Chair and CEO Duane Smith in the release. “IRC is working hard to foster the growth and well-being of the herd so that it can one day provide sustainable resources to all Inuvialuit.”

Noting the herd is being maintained as a long-term sustainability project “for the benefit of all Inuvialuit”, the press release adds the herd’s owners would be monitoring it as it goes about its regular migration patterns and reminding people that “harvesting from the herd will not be tolerated.”

It also lists off intended long-term benefits from protecting and nurturing the reindeer herd, which includes a traditional food source, a source of hides and other materials for traditional crafts, a tourism benefit and potential employment benefits for Inuvialuit beneficiaries.

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